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Goldsmith Scholarship and Speakership

Six years ago, Charles Goldsmith generously gave of his time to deliver presentations in psychology courses. Following this, he decided to channel his enthusiasm and excitement for the learning of psychology to that of the individual student level. As a graduate student, Dr. Goldsmith’s interest of psychological theory that developed at Elmhurst College intensified. He felt that the small seminar discussions, applied projects and advanced readings allowed a favorable means of learning. He further identified that one-to-one discussion meetings of psychological theory construction as had had done with Erik Erikson, Gordon Allport and other notable psychological leaders would be advantageous to learning. He wanted to recreate critical elements that were instrumental and formative to his learning for the Elmhurst College student.

The Goldsmith Scholarship was established in 1999 to provide resources for study, various supplemental learning materials (e.g., laptop, books, films) and a stipend. The scholarship was set up for the purpose of realizing Dr. Goldsmith’s intentions of upper level learning and is funded by Dr. Goldsmith and a generous friend of Elmhurst College, Mrs. Mildred Schweers.

After two years of the Scholarship, additional programming to serve a broader base of Elmhurst College students was instituted with the Speakership program. Now a notable scholar is invited to spend about a day on campus working individually with the Goldsmith Scholars to advance their understanding of their readings, to speak in psychology courses on their scholarship, and to deliver a Elmhurst College campus community speech representing an extension of their research and real world application.

Charles Goldsmith (’48) has generously supported this scholarship with his discussion time with students, book donations to Buehler Library, and financial gift.

Goldsmith scholars have presented their learning at the Elmhurst College Student Colloquium, and since 2003, the Undergraduate Student Research and Performance Showcase.

Past Recipients of the Goldsmith Scholarship

Tina York: “Erikson’s Hand in the Evolution of Play Therapy”
Heather Gulino: “Applications of Erikson’s Theory”
Marla Stenzel: “Balance: Erikson’s Key to Bio-Psychosocial Evolution”

Jennifer Tully: “Theory of Generativity Applied to Identity”
Kathleen Gordon: “A Critique of Erikson’s Generativity Theory and Ninth Stage of Psychosocial Development”

Jeannette Catalano: “Quality of Life Measure and Generativity”

Eric Young: “Influence of Vygotky’s Theories to Influence the Area of Educational Psychology”

Edna Dash: “The Relationship between Racial Identity and Self-Esteem”

Nicole Ruschienski: “Directing American Son”
John Dorhauer: “The Effects of Erik Erikson’s Research on Stages of the Life Cycle and Development in a Family Setting
Hannah Gifford: “Music Education and Mozart Effect”

John Dorhauer
Hannah Gifford

Goldsmith Speakership
The speaker role has involved a half-day on the campus of Elmhurst College. This time has been organized to include a visit to an academic class to speak briefly on topic followed by a tour of campus and dinner. The lecture has then taken place in early evening for one hour. Elmhurst College students, faculty, staff and the Elmhurst, Illinois area community have been in attendance.

Past topics and speakers:

  • “Generativity in Our World Today,” Dr. James Anderson, Institute or Psychoanalysis
  • “The Relevance of Freud for the Contemporary Age, ”Frank Summers, Ph.D., Northwestern University and the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis
  • “Erik Erickson: Is His Theory Relevant to Empirically Supported Psychotherapies?”, Mark Reinecke, Ph.D., Northwestern University
  • “Lessons from William James, ”Dr. James Anderson, Institute or Psychoanalysis

For more information about the Goldsmith Scholarship, e-mail Kathy Sexton-Radek, Ph.D. or call (630) 617-3587.

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