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Emergency Situations

Campus Security Main Number: (630) 617-3000

Emergencies at Elmhurst College don't occur very often. However, everyone must be prepared and act properly when an emergency does occur. The Campus Security Department has an evacuation plan in place if such an event does occur. Staff members of Campus Security and other departments are trained and will respond accordingly in the event of an emergency.

What Can I Do?
Reporting Emergencies or Criminal Actions
Emergency Services
Fire Hazard/Alarms
Weather Emergencies
Locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

What Can I Do?
You have already taken the first step by reading this information. In addition you can (re)familiarize with your daily surroundings. Know the specific "ins and outs" unique to your work area (emergency routes out of the building; location of fire extinguishers, location of the nearest first-aid kit, alarm boxes). Review these pages every so often. In the event of an emergency, you probably won't have time to read this! Encourage your co-workers, roommates and friends to become familiar with this information. Familiarity may one day save a life!


Reporting Emergencies or Criminal Actions
All emergencies, day or night, should be directed to the Campus Security office whenever possible. Security officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Department personnel will respond and initiate whatever action is necessary, including the notification of specific emergency services (police, ambulance, fire). Campus Security will also determine the need to alert the administrative chain of command.

When reporting an emergency, crime or suspicious activity, be prepared to provide a situation assessment, which should include:

  • Type of emergency or criminal activity
  • Exact location of emergency or criminal activity
  • Description of individuals involved
  • Size of the area involved
  • Number of injuries/casualties

Remain calm and stay on the line until you are sure the emergency responders know where to find you and/or the emergency. Note: if you call Campus Security and/or (9) 911 from a campus phone, you must advise the officer/dispatcher where you are located. We have no way of knowing your location unless you tell us. Know the name of the building you are in and the room number of the emergency. The Office Campus Security will convey this information to the appropriate emergency services.


Emergency Services

Campus Security
24 hours /day emergencies: (630) 617-3000 or ext. 3000 from a campus phone.

Other Emergency Services
Elmhurst Police: (630) 530-3050 or (9)911
Elmhurst Fire: (630) 530-3090 (non-emergency) or (9)911 (emergency)

Wellness Center
Niebuhr Hall, Lower Level
Telephone: (630) 617-3565 (8 am to 5 pm)

After hours call: 
Department of Human Services 24 Crisis Center at (630) 627-1700 or DuPage Women Against Rape at (630) 971-3927. You can also call Elmhurst Memorial Hospital at 630-833-1400.

We have also received a list from the Wellness Center with Helpful Numbers. Most are 800# and therefore free of long-distance charges. However, there are a few that are across country. Call the Wellness Center at (630) 617-3565 for information on local chapters and/or self help groups.


Fire Hazards/Alarms

Pre-Emergency Planning

  • Plan ahead for a fire. Plot at least two emergency escape routes.
  • Walk through the exit routes so that you can find your way in thick smoke. Note the corners, obstacles, doors, hallways.
  • Learn the locations of fire extinguisher and alarm boxes.
  • Keep room exits and hallways clear of obstructions (call Facilities Management at #3180 for removal of excess furniture).

Emergency Action

  • Pull the nearest alarm box and call (9)911 and 617-3000 (or 3000), if possible.
  • If you are able to put out the fire with a portable fire extinguisher, position yourself between the fire and a emergency exit to ensure your safety.
  • Evacuate immediately if you can not contain the fire. Let the fire department handle the situation.


  • Exit quickly, even if you only suspect a fire. Don't stop for belongings. Make sure others are evacuating. In a fire, seconds count! (Campus Security personnel will assist with the evacuation process.)
  • Feel doors before opening. If door is cool, open slowly and check conditions. If hot, do not open; try alternate route.
  • Use the stairs, not elevators. In a fire, elevators may be deadly, as they fill up with smoke and may stop operating.
  • In smoke, stay low or crawl! The best air is near the ground. If possible, cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth.
  • Close doors behind you to prevent the fire/smoke from spreading.


Weather Emergencies

On the first Tuesday of each month at 10 am, the City of Elmhurst tests the Tornado Warning Alert.

Tornado and fire drills are conducted a minimum of once a year on all campuses to familiarize staff and students with what is expected of them during these potential emergency situations.

Fire Alarm: A high-pitched, continuous alarm accompanied by flashing strobe lights. If the alarm is activated, please evacuate the building immediately through the closest exit and move away from the building.

Tornado Alarm: A series of warning sirens indicating that you should take shelter immediately. Evacuation/shelter maps are posted in classrooms and other areas throughout campus. All staff and students should familiarize themselves with the shortest exit route in case of a building evacuation as well as the closest shelter area in case of a tornado warning.

What Is a Tornado Watch? A tornado watch is issued when the weather conditions are such that a tornado could develop. Be prepared to take shelter.

What Is a Tornado Warning? A tornado warning means that a tornado or funnel cloud has been sighted in the area. Take shelter immediately!

Also, it is important to know where the nearest campus phone is in relation to where you are. Take the time to look around and locate these phones in the event you need them during an emergency.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

  • Lehmann Hall, lower level (by elevator in vestibule)
  • Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel, first floor (when you walk in the doors on your left)
  • Schaible Science Center, first floor (across from the elevators)
  • Frick Center, lower level (by cafeteria around corner by Alexander Rooms)
  • A.C. Buehler Library, first floor (before book security detectors on left side)
  • Tyrell Fitness Center, first floor (by the ice room across from elevator)
  • Niebuhr Hall, lower level of Niebuhr Hall (in between Niebuhr Center and Wellness Center--ONLY ACCESSIBLE DURING NIEBUHR CENTER HOURS)
  • Mill Theatre-first floor lobby (when you walk in the doors on your right)

REMEMBER: When the AED cabinet is opened, two alarms will sound. The first is audible so that everyone around the cabinet will know it was opened. The second alarm alerts Campus Security.


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