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Parking in College-owned or leased lots is provided primarily for employees on College business and currently enrolled students. First-year resident students are not permitted to register a vehicle or park in any Elmhurst College owned or leased parking lots. Written requests for an exception to this policy may be directed to Campus Security, and must demonstrate a significant and continuing hardship caused by the policy.

All visitors must park in designated visitor parking spots. Any visitor parking elsewhere on campus or overnight must obtain a temporary parking hang tag from Campus Security. No lot is reserved for any specific campus constituency. Faculty, students, and staff may park in any campus lot or any lot for which the College has a lease arrangement. All parking controlled by the College is available on a first come, first served basis. The College leases two remote parking areas at local churches approximately one block east of campus. Designated spaces in these lots are available to vehicles displaying the College’s parking sticker during the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. All College vehicles must be removed from these lots no later than 6:00 p.m. Storage of vehicles on campus while the driver is not present on campus, or away on campus-related business, is prohibited. Overnight parking on campus is restricted to vehicles bearing a resident parking permit, unless arrangements have been made in advance with Campus Security. Habitual Offenders-All users of Elmhurst College parking lots are expected to abide by the College’s Motor Vehicle Regulations.  Those who repeatedly violate these polices are subject to an additional habitual offender fine of $50, in addition to the standard violation fines, after receiving 8 tickets in an academic year.  In addition, the College reserves the right to have habitual offenders ticketed by the Elmhurst Police Department, or have offending vehicles removed from campus at the owner’s expense.  Habitual offenders are also subject to the disciplinary sanctions through the College’s conduct process.

All employees and students currently enrolled must register their vehicle (or motorcycle) with Campus Security. A registered vehicle must display an Elmhurst College parking sticker on the lower corner of the front windshield on the driver’s side. Parking stickers are renewed every year for students and for employees. Anyone bringing a temporary or rental vehicle to campus must obtain a temporary parking hang tag. Vehicles can be registered at the Office of Campus Security. Student/faculty/staff vehicles displaying state-issued handicap plates or placards must display a valid parking sticker to park on campus, and the normal fee applies for that sticker. The parking stickers do not have permanent adhesive and can be transferred to multiple vehicles. Therefore, an individual who purchases a parking sticker can register up to 3 vehicles with that one sticker number. Only one vehicle is permitted on campus at any one time and failure to place the sticker on the registered car, or failing to register a car, will result in a parking fine.

If your vehicle is in an accident or replaced, you must remove the sticker from the old car and re-register the new car under the old sticker. If your sticker rips, simply bring in the ripped sticker and we will give you a new one. Temporary hang-tags for loaner cars, and visitor hangtags, are free and are available in the Office of Campus Security. Campus Security is open 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Motorcycles must be registered with the Office of Campus Security and will receive a license plate tag that must be placed on the vehicle. There is no charge for the tag. Motorcycles are only permitted to park in motorcycle spaces, not in car spaces, by bicycle racks, on sidewalks, behind bushes, etc.

Parking is provided primarily for employees on College business and currently enrolled students. Possession of a parking sticker does not constitute “parking privilege” and dependents or friends of employees or students cannot utilize College parking areas for reasons other than College business. If observed, citations will be issued. Repeated violations of the College’s parking policy may result in revocation of that privilege. In order to make parking convenient and available for all, cooperation is essential.

Parking Sticker Fees
1. Resident students will be charged $200 per year ($100 per term) for one (1) parking sticker. Costs for this fee are included in the student’s need calculation for financial aid and billed to the student account in the Fall and Spring Terms. Students who elect not to bring a vehicle to campus will not be charged a parking fee. First-year resident students are not permitted to register a vehicle or park a vehicle in any College-owned or leased parking lot.
a. Elm Park/Prospect Apartment Residents: You must obtain a residential parking sticker and a temporary hang tag to park in your assigned parking space. You must display your temp tag from your rear view mirror at all times. You may not transfer or lend your temp tag to any other person. You are not permitted to allow other people to park in your assigned space. Spaces are reserved for residents of that apartment only. You may only park in your assigned space. If your assigned space is occupied, you must park in an overnight permitted lot between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Overnight lots are the Dinkmeyer Hall lot, West Hall lot, Alexander lot or Mill Theatre lot. Any spot in the Science Center lot is not overnight permitted. If your temp tag rips, come to Campus Security for a new one. You must bring the old one with. You will have to get a new temp tag for each semester.
b. Houses: You must obtain a residential parking sticker to park in the driveway. You may only park in your assigned driveway.
c. Resident students may be held accountable for their guests who illegally park.

2. Commuter students, with the exception of graduate students and students in accelerated programs, will be billed at a rate of $100 per year ($50 per term) for one (1) parking sticker. Costs for this fee will be included in the student’s need calculation for financial aid, if applicable, and will be billed to the student account in the Fall and Spring Terms. Graduate students and students in accelerated programs will not be charged a parking fee.
a. Commuter students who are student teaching will be exempt from the parking permit fee during the student teaching semester, recognizing that they will spend little time on campus.

3. A no-cost parking option is on Walter Street (for up to 6 hours). A parking sticker is not required to use Walter Street, but the City of Elmhurst enforces the 6-hour time limit.

4. There is no fee for Elmhurst College employees who register their vehicle and obtain a parking sticker.

The Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations and Parking Policy is subject to change without notification. Elmhurst College is not responsible for any damage to or theft from, vehicles on campus. City of Elmhurst parking violations may be issued at any time.

Driving and Parking Regulations
1. Parking regulations apply 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

2. SPEED LIMIT. A 10-mile per hour speed limit applies to the entire campus area.

3. RECKLESS DRIVING. Considering the constant presence of pedestrians, reckless driving on campus is not tolerated. Reckless driving is defined as driving with “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” Persons guilty of reckless driving may have their parking privileges withdrawn.

4. PARKING SURFACES. Driving and parking are allowed on paved areas only. Only service and emergency vehicles are allowed in the Mall area. No parking is permitted on the grass or anywhere that is not marked for parking.

5. PARKING AREAS. (Refer to Campus Map.)
a. General Parking: All lots are designated for general daytime and evening parking. Parking stickers or temporary hang tags are required at all times. Students, staff and faculty must park in general open spaces and cannot park in any space that is restricted, reserved. Vehicles must be parked legally.
b. Overnight Parking: Only resident students are permitted to park on the College campus overnight (2:00–6:00 a.m.). (See the Campus Map for locations where overnight parking is permitted.)
c. Visitor Parking: Only bona fide campus visitors may use the marked visitor spaces. Faculty, staff, and students who may have delayed registering their vehicles will receive a citation for parking in visitor spots.
d. Motorcycle Parking: Motorcycles must be registered and are permitted to park in designated areas only. The locations are indicated on the enclosed map.
NOTE: Motorcycles are not permitted inside buildings. This applies even if the gas tank has been removed.
e. Handicapped Parking: Handicapped drivers must display the appropriate rear view mirror placard or license plate issued by the State of Illinois. State law requires that the authorized holder of the placard or license be present when the parking privilege for persons with disabilities is used. NOTE: City police can ticket persons illegally parked in handicapped parking in private parking areas. For more information about the Persons with Disabilities Parking Program, please contact the Office of the Secretary of State at: (800) 252-8980 or http//
f. Loading Zones: Adjacent to some campus buildings, loading zones have been provided and specifically identified. Loading zones are for the use of persons who are actively loading or unloading. They are for short-term convenience and not to be used as parking spaces.

All vehicles are to park within marked spaces. A citation will be issued when tires are on or straddling the lines.

7. FIRE LANES. To comply with local ordinance and for the safety of our community, vehicles may NEVER be left unoccupied in a designated fire lane. This includes while hazard lights are flashing and for short periods of time. NOTE: City police can ticket vehicles illegally parked in fire lanes, even in private parking areas.

All vehicles on campus are required to be operational and have a current state license plate and Elmhurst College vehicle parking sticker. Inoperative vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense. The maximum period of time that a vehicle is permitted to remain in an authorized location is one week. Residential students’ vehicles which are currently licensed and operational, but which are not in use on a regular basis, must be parked in the Mill Theatre parking lot.

9. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING (2:00–6:00 a.m.)
No overnight parking is permitted in Lots 1, 4, 5, the small lot north of Chapel, Circle Hall, Irion Hall, Daniels Hall, and along the road from Schick Hall to Prospect Avenue.

Parking in the Elmhurst Public Library lot or Wilder Mansion lots is prohibited. Violators are subject to a fine by the city and may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Elm Park and Prospect Apartment residents must display a current Elmhurst College parking sticker in addition to an apartment specific hang tag at all times, and must park in their assigned space or a general parking space elsewhere on campus.
12.  HOUSES.
Students residing in campus houses must display a current Elmhurst College parking sticker at all times to park in the driveway assigned to the house.  No one is permitted to drive or park on the grass. Guests parking in the driveways must have a valid temporary hang tag displayed.”  

13. ACCIDENTS. Automobile accidents, including hit and run accidents, are to be reported to the Elmhurst Police Department, 125 East First Street, Elmhurst (630) 530-3050. If your vehicle can be driven, an Illinois Traffic Accident Report form will be filled out at the police station. If the vehicle cannot be driven, the Elmhurst Police will come to the scene. Call the Campus Security Office at ext. 3000 for assistance.

Excessive parking tickets, abuse of the parking rules and regulations, alcohol or drug related offenses on or off-campus may result in suspension or revocation of parking privileges.

Elmhurst College offers some assistance in the event that your vehicle battery is dead or you lock your keys in your car. You may borrow a battery jumper pack from Campus Security. If you lock your keys in your car, a Campus Security Officer will be dispatched to assist you. Please note that Campus Security may only offer these services to vehicles on College property and officers may not be immediately available to assist you. This assistance is provided at the vehicle owner’s/driver’s risk, as the possibility exists that jump-starting a battery or performing an emergency vehicle opening may cause damage to your vehicle. Elmhurst College assumes no liability for this damage, and assistance is provided at the requestor’s risk when appropriately skilled personnel are available.

The College may need to temporarily close a parking lot for a special event, snow removal, or a necessary repair. Lot closings will generally be posted 24 hours in advance. If a driver fails to move a vehicle after signs have been posted, the vehicle will be ticketed and issued a fine, and may be relocated or towed at the registered owner’s expense. Campus Security will attempt to notify the owner before towing a vehicle, but it is the owner’s responsibility to move the vehicle in accordance with the posted deadline. A person who will be off campus for several days may wish to leave a set of keys with a trusted friend who will be remaining on campus in case it becomes necessary for the car to be moved.

Students: Fines are payable at the Office of Student Financial Services in Goebel Hall. Fines that are not immediately paid will be added to a student’s account. Please note that until the account is paid in full, grades and transcripts will be withheld, and one may not register for the next term or graduate.

Faculty, Staff and Visitors: Fines are payable at the Office of Student Financial Services in Goebel Hall Questions about citations may be directed to the Office of Campus Security, Lower Level, Lehmann Hall, x3000.

Anyone wishing to appeal a citation may do so by filling out the back of the ticket and returning it to Campus Security. The appeal must be received, in writing, within 5 days of the date on the citation.

VIOLATIONS. A person will be responsible for violations issued for any vehicle registered in his or her name.

FINES. The items listed below are considered to be specific violations of the College’s parking regulations and are subject to the fines listed.

• Parked on or over lines
• Motorcycle in car space

• Overnight parking in a “No Overnight” lot
• Unregistered vehicle or expired registration or incorrect sticker location or partial affixing of stickers
• Not a Space—Parking at the end of an aisle, at any yellow curb, or any area which is not a parking space
• Blocking—a driveway, walkway, entrance, trash dumpster, or another vehicle
• Unauthorized use of EC parking lots
• Restricted—Parking in a restricted parking space, including visitor, service vehicle, apartment, security vehicle, loading zone, motorcycle, etc., or failing to remove a vehicle from a lot which is posted as closed
• Time Limit—Exceeding the posted time limit in short-term parking spaces
• Moving Violations—Exceeding the speed limit, or reckless driving

• Fire Lane—Parking in or blocking access to any posted Fire Lane
• Habitual Offender-an additional fine will be added after receiving 8 parking violations in one academic year.  

• Reserved—Parking in a reserved parking space
• Tampering with parking signage or falsifying parking stickers or temporary hang tags

• Handicapped Violation—Parking in a marked handicapped space or the adjacent striped area without a state-authorized handicapped plate or placard. Under Illinois law, the person to whom the plate or placard was issued must be present for the vehicle to use a handicapped space.

Please note: The Elmhurst Police Department will issue city tickets for illegally parking in handicapped spaces or fire lanes.

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