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Bluejay Bus Information & Schedule

What is the Bluejay Bus?
The Bluejay Bus is a dedicated shuttle bus that provides free, convenient transportation for resident students who do not have a car available on campus. NOTE: All passengers must show their Elmhurst College Jaypass to board the shuttle. Sorry, guests of students are not admitted.

Where does the Bluejay Bus go?
The Bluejay Bus makes scheduled stops at:
• Elmhurst College Library
• WalMart
• Yorktown Center Mall (Food court entrance by Egg harbor Café)
• Target
• Return to Elmhurst College Library

When does the Bluejay Bus operate?
The Bluejay Bus operates when classes are in session or the majority of resident students are present on campus on the following schedule:
Friday & Saturday 
Departures from the Elmhurst College Library: 3:30 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m.
Last round for pick up's only: 9:30 p.m.

Bluejay closures are posted on the Library window and Campus Security office is also aware. 

Will the Bluejay Bus take me to the shopping center at IL-83 and St. Charles?
No. If you want to go to the shopping center on IL-83 and St. Charles, simply get on the Elmhurst Terrace shuttle bus. After the driver drops off the students at Elmhurst Terrace, the driver can swing into the shopping center and drop you off at Dominick’s or Kohl’s. To get back to campus, simply walk over to Elmhurst Terrace and take the next scheduled Elmhurst Terrace bus back to campus.

What if I need a drop off at the Metra station? And what about being picked up from Metra arrivals?

Metra is no longer covered by the Bluejay Bus.
If you need to be dropped off at the Metra station, please board the Remote Parking bus (weekdays until 5:40 p.m.) and the Elmhurst Terrace bus (weekday evenings after 5:40 p.m. and weekends)

We cannot time our schedule to match Metra arrivals, so passengers arriving will have to walk back to campus.

• Metra drop-offs will be made on Adele Ave., across from the Metra station, while the bus is en route to Remote Parking (weekdays) or Elmhurst Terrace (evenings and weekends).
• Drivers hand out a form with the times that passengers should be waiting for the next bus to arrive. We cannot wait at the stops for a scheduled departure time, so the passenger must be there when the bus arrives. The bus will not arrive sooner than the time posted on the handout. If you miss the bus departure, you will have to wait for the next lap since it doesn’t have time to return and keep on schedule.
• If changes to the schedule are needed, advance notice will be posted on the Library window or available in the Campus Security office.
• Traffic or weather conditions may cause a Bluejay Bus trip to take longer than the time scheduled. Since it is not possible for the driver to make up the lost time, a departure may be skipped so that the Bluejay Bus may depart from the Library and begin again at the next scheduled departure time to get back on schedule. Campus Security dispatch will be informed if this situation develops, so please contact Campus Security at (630) 617-3000 with any questions.
• This schedule and destinations are effective on August 25, 2012.


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