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Shaping the Soul

Students say they’re looking for ultimate meaning in their lives. How Elmhurst helps them find it.

In Depth

No Easy Answers

Elmhurst is a college of the United Church of Christ. What does that mean in practice?

A Community of Many Faiths

Elmhurst College welcomes students of many faiths who want to engage issues that face the human spirit in a global society. Affiliated with the United Church of Christ, the College stands for social justice and religious liberty, and encourages students to examine their values and spiritual beliefs.

At the heart of Elmhurst’s spiritual life is the College Chaplaincy, which offers worship programs, community-service activities and spiritual guidance for students from all faith traditions. Representing religious communities ranging from Baptist to Jewish to Muslim to Orthodox, the Chaplain and co-chaplains invite students to further their own religious development while exploring other expressions of faith.

The College also supports spiritual growth through a number of additional programs and initiatives. The Niebuhr Center for Faith and Action, for example, offers academic and field experiences to students who are motivated by faith. The student-run Spiritual Life Council plans and promotes religious and spiritual events on campus. Religious organizations representing a variety of traditions support students as they explore their beliefs. A rich array of programs and events offer the opportunity for reflection, worship and community service throughout the year.

We invite you to learn more about spiritual life at Elmhurst College. Join us at an upcoming event, get to know our chaplains or contact us. We look forward to helping you reach your spiritual goals.


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