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Policies and Procedures for Students

Academic Integrity
To ensure a fair academic environment where students are evaluated on the scholarly merits of their work, the College's Code of Academic Integrity outlines consequences for dishonest practices such as cheating, fabrication, collusion and plagiarism.

Code of Conduct
The rules of the College's Code of Conduct cover issues such as misuse of alcohol, drug use, gambling and sexual misconduct.

Emergency Loans
Elmhurst College offers emergency loans to full-time students. Loans are granted for up to $50.00 and must be repaid within 30 days. Information about emergency loans may be obtained from the assistant director of the Frick Center in person in the Office of Student Activities or at x3778.

Educational Rights and Privacy
The privacy of students' academic records is protected under a federal law,
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Leave of Absence
A student who requires time off from his or her academic program for personal or medical reasons, but who intends to return to the College after one term away, may request a leave of absence. A student may request a leave of absence by completing an Application for Leave of Absence form. Forms are also available in the offices of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Advising. Additional information regarding leave of absence policies and procedures may be found on the back of the Application for Leave of Absence form and in the student handbook/planner, the E-Book.

Students Having Difficulties
The College tries to help students who are having difficulty in their course work or in their social lives under the Care Team Guidelines with the help of a referral form. Students who are experiencing difficulty are referred by faculty or staff to the committee, which identifies a representative best positioned to intervene and assist the student. The committee is charged with coordinating resources to assist referred students in maintaining satisfactory academic progress and in promoting their health and well-being.

Risk of Suicide 
In the unlikely event that a student threatens or attempts suicide, the College will assess the student according to the Self Harm Policy.

Threats to Security
Behavior or communications that could endanger members of the community are reviewed by the Threat Assessment Team with the help of a referral form.

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