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Our Mission

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs is committed to a philosophy of inclusion that embraces our similarities and differences, and celebrates these as a valuable aspect of our community. The office provides leadership for academic and social programs and services in support of students and student organizations from ethnically, culturally, and racially diverse backgrounds.

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs seeks to increase intercultural appreciation and respect for all students and members of the diverse Elmhurst College community through creative, active, and intentional programs promoting the understanding of unique cultural and ethnic heritage. The office also actively reaches out to support students in assessing and evaluating the individual’s experience at Elmhurst College to support academic success and to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and growth-oriented campus experience.

Furthermore, the Office of Intercultural Student Affairs provides programs that are educational, challenging, interactive, and fun. In true liberal arts tradition, individuals are encouraged to participate and to freely agree, disagree, or offer arguments counter to the majority, and to demonstrate creative thinking that may not easily fit within the existing mainstream thought of a group or an organization. This helps create deeper discussion, thought, and an understanding of the issues at hand and allows individuals and groups to develop their own deep-rooted philosophies, strategies, and skills.

This enables the individual to believe in one's own intrinsic worth and culture and to become a leader on a campus and in a society that embraces multiculturalism and moves beyond monoculturalism. This critical pedagogical process is at the center of the individual's quest to define one's relationship and responsibility to our global society, and their desire to be a welcomed, free and equal participant in it.

Programs and services for the year include:

  • Off-Campus Intercultural Retreat 
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Native American Heritage Week
  • World AIDS Day 
  • Black History Month 
  • European Heritage Month 
  • Women’s History Month 
  • Asian Heritage Month 
  • World Matters documentary video series and discussion
  • Cultural Café discussion series
  • Entertaining and educational cultural events
  • Off-campus diversity conferences
  • Guest speakers and lecturers
  • Peer advising program
  • Career mentoring program
  • Cultural visits to Chicago

Through these efforts, the goals are to champion the movement to eliminate discrimination in society, to help facilitate the individual acquisition of the attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to function positively and successfully in various cultures and to provide an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and life-changing campus experience.

For more information on intercultural programs, contact us.

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