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Elmhurst College understands the reality of alcohol and marijuana use among traditional-aged college students but stresses the very real fact that alcohol and marijuana use does contribute to occurrences of crime, victimization and academic stresses to all those on campus and in the surrounding community. To address these issues, the College is committed to offering educational resources and counseling services for all students.

The College will continue to sponsor its annual Alcohol Awareness events, enforce policies that require alcohol and marijuana offenders to participate in education programs and provide professional counseling and/or referrals for off-campus, substance-abuse counseling.

Alcohol Self-Assessment
While not intended to scare students or suggest a problem where one may not exist, an alcohol self-assessment test can provide students with a baseline of their drinking patterns and behavior.

There are numerous alcohol self-assessment tests, quizzes and surveys available online, however, the College prefers to encourage students who feel the need for a more personalized and comprehensive alcohol assessment to contact an addiction specialist, licensed counselor or a physician who, through an open and honest conversation, may be able to help him or her evaluate his or her alcohol consumption and offer advice or resources about support groups, professional counselors or additional resources.

If you or a friend needs help for alcohol- or drug-related issues, please contact the College's Wellness Center's Counseling Services or at (630) 617-3565.


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