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» FAQ: New Teacher Leader Endorsement

FAQ: New Teacher Leader Endorsement

As of January 1, 2014, Elmhurst College is 1 of 9 institutions approved by ISBE to offer the new Illinois Endorsement on Professional Educator License: Teacher Leader.

What happened to the Type 75?
Type 75 or general administrative certificates do not exist in the new Illinois Professional Educator Licensure system that began July 1, 2013. Although educators were “grandfathered in” with the former certificate types - the new principalship and teacher leader endorsements, which replaced the Type 75, are more extensive and intensive.

Who needs the Principalship endorsement?
Principals, assistant principals as required by the school district, and Directors of Special Education. Some school districts may require the principalship for an assistant superintendent position.

Who needs the Teacher Leader endorsement?
The Teacher Leader Endorsement prepares teachers for roles within schools such as:

  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Coach or Mentor Teacher
  • Department Chair or Lead Teacher
  • Content Specialist
  • Program Leader

Why do School Districts need Teacher Leaders with this endorsement?
As Superintendent Koch wrote in his June 2013 newsletter:  The Teacher Leader Endorsement Program will be helpful in retaining and developing high-performing teachers for leadership roles and in building the competencies necessary for high quality leadership and decision-making in schools.

Explore the National Teacher Leader Model Standards around which the Elmhurst Teacher Leader Program was designed.

What are the requirements for the new teacher leader endorsement?
Requirements include 24 semester hours in teacher leadership with a master’s degree. The Illinois content standards for every teacher leader program include: leadership theories, designing professional development activities, building a school culture that focuses on student learning, using assessments to improve student learning and achievement, and building collaboration with teachers and stakeholders.

Why Elmhurst College?
Teachers who have not yet earned a master’s degree also can complete the degree at Elmhurst College. Our M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership is 34 total semester hours and involves several key components such as how to systematically study how instruction impacts learning (action research) and how to engage in culturally-relevant practices. Using research and data to improve practice is emphasized. Also we offer teacher leaders the option of training for the new teacher evaluation model.

Our program allows teachers to begin their graduate studies in the spring, summer, or fall and complete 1 or 2 courses during each term by taking hybrid courses in which half of the classes are on-line and half of the sessions are on campus.

All professors are former P-12 educators and have doctorates. Class sizes are small. All costs except a campus technology fee are included in tuition. Books and materials also are included in tuition. District discounts are available for teacher cohorts.

Questions? Contact us at teacherleadership@elmhurst.edu.

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Illinois Teacher Leadership Endorsement

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