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Teacher Leader Endorsement

To earn a licensure endorsement, teachers must currently hold a teaching position and be licensed to teach in Illinois. All teachers earning an endorsement who want to add the endorsement to their professional educator license should contact Dr. Debra Meyer at debram@elmhurst.edu. To see course options, visit Course Offerings.

Teacher Leader Endorsement*
The Teacher Leader Endorsement for the State of Illinois requires the completion of eight courses (equivalent to a 24-semester-hour program of study), to include five core courses, one research course, one advocacy course and one elective course. The endorsement program is designed to align course outcomes with the national Teacher Leader Model Standards. The teacher leader endorsement requires 100 clinical hours distributed across the coursework in which future teacher leaders document their application of course concepts in their classrooms and school communities, including 40 clinical hours focused on students from diverse backgrounds.

Teachers must have a master’s degree to have the endorsement applied to their license. Teachers without a master’s degree can complete the endorsement while completing the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership.

Core courses
Teachers must complete all five core courses (15-semester-hours):

  • MTL 521 Building Professional and Community Relationships through Collaboration
  • MTL 528 Examining Issues & Trends in Teacher Leadership
  • MTL 536 Linking Assessment, Learning, and Curriculum
  • MTL 538 Improving School Climate and Classroom Learning Environments
  • MTL 597 Promoting Professional Development for School Improvement

Research Course
Teachers must choose and complete one of the following research courses (3-semester hours):

  • MTL 513 Analyzing Reading Foundations
  • MTL 552 Using Educational Research to Improve Practice
  • MTL 591 Applying Action Research in Education

Advocacy Course
Teachers must choose and complete one of the following advocacy courses (3-semester hours):

  • MTL 532 Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom
  • MTL 544 Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching English Language Learners
  • MTL 567 Advocating Culturally Relevant Curriculum & Instruction
  • MTL 596 Evaluating Diversity Issues in Teaching and Learning

Elective Course
Teachers must choose one elective course (3-semester hours or more). Electives can be chosen from any course in the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership program or students may choose to take an additional research or advocacy course.

Questions? Browse the Frequently Asked Questions: Teacher Leader Endorsement.

Special Education Endorsement (LBS1)
The Special Education endorsement for the State of Illinois may be earned through a 4- to 5-course sequence. The endorsement may be added to an Illinois early childhood, elementary, secondary, or special license, except for teachers with the K-12 special education licenses. The endorsement requires the equivalent of 15 semester hours, however, an introduction to special education methods course may be substituted for one of the graduate courses. The State of Illinois Learning Behavior Specialist 1 exam (#155) is required for this endorsement.

The special education endorsement on an Illinois Professional Educator License requires the completion of five core courses:

  • MTL 514 Characteristics of Learners with Disabilities
  • MTL 524 The Educational Assessment Process and Learners with Disabilities
  • MTL 532 Teaching & Learning in Diverse Classrooms (teachers who previously completed an introduction to special education methods as part of their initial licensure may request to substitute for MTL 532)
  • MTL 535 Curriculum & Instruction for Learners with High Incidence Disabilities
  • MTL 537 Curriculum & Instruction for Learners with Low Disabilities

ESL and Bilingual Endorsements
The ESL and bilingual endorsements for the State of Illinois may be added to a Professional Educator License (PEL) and would be valid for the core grade-range endorsement on the PEL (e.g. early childhood, elementary, secondary, or special K-12 core endorsement).

Both endorsements require teachers to have 100 hours of field experience with English learners in both ESL and bilingual settings. Students seeking both endorsements only need 100 hours total. The 100 hours of clinical work are distributed across the six courses and arranged by the graduate student.

To earn the bilingual endorsement, teachers also must pass an appropriate target language proficiency exam offered by the Illinois Licensure Testing System. Currently, there is not an exam for the ESL endorsement.

The ESL and bilingual endorsements require the completion of the same six courses for 18 semester hours. Each course is 3 semester hours:

  • MTL 544 Cross-cultural Studies in Teaching English Language Learners
  • MTL 558 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching English Language Learners
  • MTL 569 Linguistics for Second Language Learning
  • MTL 579 Methods and Materials for Teaching English Language Learners
  • MTL 587 Assessment of English Language Learners
  • MTL 592 Action Research and Application of Bilingual Methods

NOTE: Courses are sequenced and begin in the summer term. Students may take two courses per term and complete the endorsement in one year, or one course each summer, fall and spring and finish in two years.

Transferring ESL/bilingual coursework from another institution: Students may transfer up to two courses from another institution towards the ESL and/or bilingual endorsement. Students will need to provide a principal's letter saying they are assigned to classes with English learners, or document 100 hours in classrooms serving English learners. Both endorsements require teachers to have 100 hours of field experience with English learners. Students seeking both endorsements only need 100 hours total. For the ESL endorsement, the hours must be in a setting where students are receiving services in an ESL program by an ESL endorsed teacher. For the Bilingual endorsement, the time may be in an ESL and/or bilingual education program by an ESL or bilingual endorsed teacher. Students transferring coursework need to provide documentation of field experience hours completed. Elmhurst College will accept no more than 15 field experience hours per transfer course. 

Middle Level Approval*
The Middle Level Approval requires the completion of two core courses, which are offered entirely online in the summer, fall and spring terms:

  • MTL 561 Understanding the Middle Level Learner (3 semester hours)
  • MTL 563 The Middle School: History, Philosophy, Organizational Structures, and Best Practices (4 semester hours)

NOTE: The Middle Level Approval in the state of Illinois will be discontinued in 2017. Teachers must complete current requirements and have endorsement(s) issued on or before January 31, 2018. After that date, middle-level endorsements will require completion of approval programs, which will include at least 24 semester hours with a combination of content and pedagogy.

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