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National Church Associates of Elmhurst College

 If you are a leader within a United Church of Christ congregation and have parishioners who are making college plans, you should know about the National Church Associates of Elmhurst College.

The NCA’s purpose is to strengthen the connection between the College and the United Church of Christ. As an NCA member, you’ll learn about Elmhurst’s faith-based programs, our UCC scholarship, our commitment to service, and our high-level academic programs and extra-curricular opportunities. More broadly, you’ll be able to participate in the continuing conversation about what it means in our time to be a church-related college serving a pluralistic student body—and to provide excellent counsel to your college-bound parishioners.

More than 180 National Church Associates members in 25 states serve as ambassadors in a variety of ways, including:

  • Participating in the annual NCA meeting, held each year on the Elmhurst campus
  • Interpreting the mission and programs of the College
  • Identifying potential students for whom Elmhurst would be a good choice and encouraging them to apply to the College
  • Providing service and ministry opportunities for Elmhurst College students


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