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Overview of is another example of authoring course software. This software is much easier to use than WebCT, but conversely lacks many features as a result. The following features are available: course materials (which may contain links to other outside sites), links to other internet sites, class discussion board, chat discussion, quiz, student grade book and tracking, other information posting.


1. Free Course: will host a course or several courses with 5MB free space per instructor. This is a nice feature if you want to try this out and not invest too much time as you decide the merits of the software. Additional sites cost $100 per course - these are all hosted on their server. At some point in the future Elmhurst College may obtain a site license and then the software would reside on our server.

2. Very easy to learn and set up. Only a few menus.


1. Discussion threads are not opened all at once. Every message must be opened individually within the thread.

2. There does not seem to be a method to internally link pages to each other within the site.

3. All displays occur within the window of the frame which is quite small with the wide buttons on the left.


Information from site: is a FREE service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the Web. Without knowing any HTML, you can quickly create your own CourseSiteTM - a Web site that brings your learning materials, class discussions, and even tests online.

Our Web site is so intuitive, it guides you through five simple steps for creating a virtual class - with no programming languages or HTML to learn. If you can surf the Internet, you can create a free CourseSiteTM on It's that simple. And it only takes about five minutes.

There's nothing to download or install. Classes are hosted on Blackboard's servers and can be accessed by faculty and students anytime, anywhere through a Web browser. is the best way to experience online course management. More than 1,000 instructors at K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and organizations around the world rely on to deliver their courses online. Our customers tell us is the easiest way to create a CourseSite - without knowing HTML. And it's free!