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Chemistry Department, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Il 60126

The following links give the direction for the Demostrations for a particular week. Please print them prior tocoming to laboratory. For the some of the demos there are pictures that accompany them. You can find these by clicking on the followiing indes link.- Demo Index. It may take some looking to find the same Demo that you are interested in and then clicking on it to see if it has a picture.

 Selections of Demonstrations For Each Week

 Lab 1 - Density

Mysterious Ice
Layers of Liquids
Smart Eggs - salt water and acid
Floating Spheres
Lava Lamp
Underwater Smoke Stack

Lab 4 - Chemical Reactions (I)

Fruit Punch or Fruit Punch to Milk
Water to Milk
Vitamin C Clock Reaction or Mud and Blood
Cylinder of Blood or Cylinder of Rust
Colored Bottles - three types or Bottle Fountain with Color Changes
Chemiluminescence (I) or Chemiluminescence (II)

  Lab 2 - Elements and Simple Compounds

Burning Magnesium or
Magic Hand or Vitamin C Stain Remover
Reveal Finger Prints - Iodine Sublimation
Swimming with Sodium
Can Ripper or Auminum Burner
Hydrogen Balloon

 Lab 5 - Chemical Reactions (II)

Elephant Toothpaste
Genie in the bottle
Instant Suds
Fire Extinguisher
King Kong's Hand or Blow up Balloon with Lemon
Tornado Reaction

 Lab 3 - Acids, Bases, and Indicators

Lemon Shell Game or Cranberry Cocktail
Rainbow in a Cylinder or Rainbow Reaction
Reaction in a Baggie
Barbie Soap
Magic Breath or Disappearing Ink
Magic Pitcher

Lab 6 - Polymers

Disappearing Cup or Peanut Race
Nylon rope
Poly Urethane Foam
Slime - Guar Gum or Silly Putty - Elmer's Glue
Siphon Polymer or Gaviscon Snakes
Solid Water or Instant Snow