Amy Sass

Bottle Fountain

Science Concept: A variety of indicators will change when exposed to oxygen in the air that surrounds us.


1. two - two liter bottles

2. Special 2hole 2 tube connector for the bottles


When ready, turn the bottle over to see the fountain effect


Boys and girls, how many of you have ever been to Buckingham Fountain, in downtown Chicago. Well, I went there this summer with my mom and dad. We had so much fun. I loved the colors in the fountain. I did not want to leave to go home. My mom told me that I could go home and make my own fountain. I was so excited, so today I brought in my own magical fountain. Raise your hands if you want to see it.


The explanation for the bottle:

Both of the bottles are trying to equalize the pressure, or in other words, they are trying to reach an equilibrium of air pressure. They both want the same amount of air pressure in their bottles. So when turned over, there is a plastic connection that attaches the bottles. This allows the bottom bottle to release air through one tube into the upper bottle. While this is happening, the top bottle is releasing water through the other tube into the bottom bottle. Since the water takes up space, the air goes into the top bottle because the water is taking up the space that the air occupied. In the base of the tubes there are several small holes. They are there because as air rushes by (and creates a vacuum or lwer pressure effect inside of the tube), and as a result water is drawn up the tube which then causes it to spray out of the top of the tube and creates the fountain effect. This is how the fountain works.

Safety Precautions: The bottle may easily tip over.

Waste Disposal:

Pour the solution in the bottle down the drain

Rinse out the bottles completely with soap and water

Reference: Unknown