Cassandra Krack

The Magical Floating Egg


Concept: Density

An egg will sink in plain water because the egg has a higher density than the density of the water. However, an egg will float in water with sugar added to it because the sugar-water combination has a higher density than the egg. The sugar water also has a higher density than the plain water.


* 2 raw eggs

* 2 400 mL beakers

* 250 mL beaker

* 75-100 grams of sugar

* stirring rod

* water


1. Fill each 400 mL beaker to the 300 mL mark with water

2. Measure 75-100 grams of sugar into the 250 mL beaker

3. Pour the sugar into one of the 400 mL beakers and stir the sugar in thoroughly

4. Carefully drop an egg into each of the 400 mL beakers


What do you think will happen when I drop this egg into the water? Let's add sugar to the other beaker. The egg will probably still sink, right? Well...let's see!!!


The egg sinks in the plain water because the water is less dense than the egg. The sugar allows the egg to float because the sugar adds density to the water. Therefore, the sugar and the water combined are more dense than the egg and the egg floats.

Safety: There are NO hazards.

Waste Disposal: Throw the eggs away, and the other materials may be poured down the drain.

Source: Unknown