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General Links

Three Periodic Tables among many on the web.

WebElements- Scholar Edition - Data, description, uses, historical, be sure to click some of the items in the left menu bar.

Periodic Table at Los Alamos Lab - contains information about each element.

Periodic Table - gives a graphic picture of the Bohr Diagram of each element. First select an element, then at the top of the frame, click on Atomic Structure to see the Bohr Diagram.


Physics 2000 - MANY INTERACTIVE APPLETS Electromagnetic radiation, Atomic, etc.
Excellent site

The Water Molecule - many aspects - some technical

The Scientic Method Today -


How things work?

How stuff works - Chemistry

How does rust work?

How does baking powder work?

How does dry ice work?

How does dynamite work?

What is in baby diapers?

How battery testers work

How batteries work

How nuclear power works

How a nuclear bomb works

Many Links on Building the Atomic Bomb

How a hybrid car works

How a refrigerator works

How a microwave works

How does reverse osmosis work?

How does a water softener work?

How does a catalytic converter work?

How a photocopier works?