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Week # 10 - April 16 - 23

Good to see a flurry of activity over the weekend!! Keep it up. Please keep active and be on-line 2-3 times per week. Time is becoming short, there are only 4 weeks of Topics left in the term!!

Tenth Week Assignments due on April 23:

Assignments past due.

Topic 9 The Atmosphere and Air Pollution
ISSUE 4 is NOT late, but you should have made a start on it. Final postings are due this week.

For other assignments past due, use the Course Schedule to find the assignments and post in the discussion forum in the proper places. Late penalties are being assessed, but it is still better to get some points rather than no points.

Extra Credit: Maybe you do not know about it, but extra responses on Topics and Issues earn 1 extra credit point.

1. Topic 10 - On-line Discussion: Do the readings in the text book and correlate that with the Topic 10 Water Resources.

For ON-LINE Lecture Discussion, you are required to do THREE questions:
Choose ONE from Ques 1 - 4 - as assigned;
and then one question from Ques. 5-8 - your choice - try to spread out;
and finally ONE question from any of the above or make a comment or ask a question.


2. Laboratory # 5: This week you need to complete HOME Lab #5 - Pollution Dilution. Lab report menu page It would be a good idea to look at the prelab EARLY, as this asks you to figure out some water usages rates - such as water bills and how much water do you use to take a shower.

 Some of you need to get serious about labs. About six or seven students are behind on labs. These points missing may end up dropping you a whole grade or more. Any past labs may be made up with the deduction of only 1 point out of 15. You may also do parts of the labs. The lab writeup indicates how much each part of the lab is worth. For example the pre-labs are worth 5 points of 15. If you hand in a partially completed lab, please indicate that this is the case, so I will not wonder if you just missed a part due to whatever.

3. Finish Issue # 4 if you have not already done so.

4. Looking ahead: EXAM # 3 is now available online as HTML form and Word Doc see the Exam menu with various report forms is also available. This exam # 3 will be due on April 30.

 The exam answers are found in one form or another in the textbook, sometimes I give reference pages, other times you will have to find the info yourself. The index can be useful. Sometimes the answers will require an application of a concept or principle found in the text. In a few cases if you think more than one answer may be possible, reference your thinking with exact page numbers, I may be persuaded to give you the points in question. For the NY TIMES questions, you should find 90 - 100% of the answers right in the news article. Read the questions carefully, there are too many students misinterpreting questions and answering things that I have not asked. Or failing to answer parts of questions that have been clearly (I think so anyway) enumerated.

Students ARE NOT PERMITTED to share information or check answers on exams. Very minor clarifications may be discussed. The honor system applies and please take this seriously. I have found some evidence in the past of extremely similar written answers and thought patterns, therefore please be more careful about this.

If you have questions about any exam questions, I will be available for clarifications, and maybe a few hints, so please give me a call.


5. The last Lab #6 requires a variety of pieces of plastic which you may need to save for a couple of weeks. In addition it asks you to keep track of how much garbage you throw away. Again this can be done at any time of your convenience, but not at the last minute.

6. Issue # 6:
For a few people that are working ahead, the ISSUE # 6 is an interesting and different approach -more of a case study than a debate: Issue # 6B: A Civil Action - Case Study of a Trial involving chemicals in water causing cancer. This is based upon a true case, written in a book, and made into a movie a few years ago. It is in the same genre as the movie out a couple years ago "Erin Brockovich".