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Week # 11 - April 23 - 30

Time is becoming short, there are only 3 weeks left in the term and finals week!!

Looks like some students have been trying to get ahead on assignments - that's great!!! A few students are lagging behind. If you are in this latter category try catch up by doing the current week. Any assignment may be completed for partial credit - some points are better than no points.

Eleventh Week Assignments - due on April 30

Assignments past due include:

Topic 10
Lab 5
Issue #4

1. On-line Discussion: Do the readings in the text book and correlate that with the Topic 11 Sources of Water Pollution.

For ON-LINE Lecture Discussion, you are required to do THREE questions:

ONE question from Ques 1-3 as assigned;
and ONE question from 5-8 - try to self select questions that no else has answered - this aspect is not working very well as the students that come into the discussion late should not be doing the first couple of easy questions. Find questions that only one or two others have answered. If there are already 5 answers to a questions than find another one. The same holds true on Issues.

Last Question from any of the above or ask a question or make a comment.

2. On-Line Discussion: Issue 5A:
This week you need to start the on-line discussion for Issue #5. I will let this issue carry over until May 7.

ISSUE 5A: Which type of water is the purest and safest to drink?

You may self select the type of water that you feel is the safest. There could really be three types: bottled water, tap water, and filtered water from the tap.

For Issue 5A:What are some methods of water treatment, what is it used for, how does it work, why is it a problem? What are the questions about the purity of the water, what are the possible health effects?. You may also post other interesting information and ask me questions.

3. Exam # 3 web version is now available online as a web page. This exam # 3 will be due on April 30.
Other versions of the exam are also also available on the exam menu page - versions to put into your word processor for typing and printing.

 The exam answers are found in one form or another in the textbook, sometimes I give reference pages, other times you will have to find the info yourself. The index can be useful. Sometimes the answers will require an application of a concept or principle found in the text. In a few cases if you think more than one answer may be possible, reference your thinking with exact page numbers, I may be persuaded to give you the points in question. For the NY TIMES questions, you should find 90 - 100% of the answers right in the news article.

Students ARE NOT PERMITTED to share information or check answers on exams. Very minor clarifications may be discussed. The honor system applies. I have found some evidence in the past of extremely similar written answers and thought patterns, therefore please be more careful about this.

If you have questions about any exam questions, I will be available for clarifications, and maybe a few hints, so please give me a call.

4. A Look Ahead: The last Lab #6 requires a variety of pieces of plastic which you may need to save for a couple of weeks. In addition it asks you to keep track of how much garbage you throw away. Again this can be done at any time of your convenience, but not at the last minute. At any rate, this requires the weighing of some of your garbage for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you have a bathroom scale to use- just weigh yourself first, then hold the garbage and weigh again. If you do not have a bathroom scale figure some method to estimate the volume instead.

At the same time that you are doing this, begin to collect some different types of plastic to be used in the lab # 6. Try to find one or two examples of each type of recyle number type plastic. They do not all have to have recycle numbers on them. Look for some less obvious things, like lids, pill containers, different small containers used for food products, plastic parts to cold meat wrappings, etc. as these can be treated as true unknowns.


FINAL EXAM: Some students have been asking about the Final Exam. This is a combination type exam - Topic 12, 13 (50 points) and 50 points for the final exam - total points = 100 and in the same format that we have been using. One part will be in the form of an essay that asks you to draw together a variety of concepts learned throughout the term...sort of the complete life cycle of a consumer product from raw material to final disposal. This should be ready the next week or two.