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Week # 12 April 30 - May 7


Time is becoming short, there are only 3 weeks left in the term. Week 14 is for completion of the 4th/Final Exam. All assignments are to be completed by May 23. Please try to get any late work completed as soon as possible.

Twelveth Week Assignments due on May 7:

Past Due Assignments:
Topic 11 Sources of Water Pollution
Exam 3

Continue working on:

Issue 5A Drinking vs. Bottled Water

1. TOPIC 12: On-line Lecture Discussion: Do the readings in the text book and correlate that with the Topic 12: Solid Waste Disposal . Question # 1 in four parts is required for Topic 12 on-line discussion, with one follow-up question. See the Special Assignments as follows:


Assignments are as follows:
Landfills  Students ID: 1-3, 13,14, 21,22
Incineration  Students ID: 4-6, 15, 16, 23, 24
Recycling,Reuse, Reduce  Students ID: 7-9, 17, 18, 25, 26
 Composting  Students ID: 10-12, 19, 20, 27-30


2. HOME LAB # 6: This week you need to complete HOME Lab #6 - Properties, Classification, and Recycling Plastics. Menu page with various forms of the lab

This requires the weighing of some of your garbage for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you have a bathroom scale to use- just weigh yourself first, then hold the garbage and weigh again. If you do not have a bathroom scale figure some method to estimate the volume instead.

At the same time that you are doing this, begin to collect some different types of plastic to be used in the last lab. They do not all have to have recycle numbers on them. Look for some less obvious things, like lids, pill containers, different small containers used for food products, plastic parts to cold meat wrappings, etc.

The Data Table contains numbers which refer to the recycle numbers on various containers. Try to find a representative of each of the numbers, although # 3 is sometimes hard to find. Also use 2-3 other samples that do not have recycle numbers. In your baggie of equipment you wull find 2 or three types of "popcorn" packing materials, these will be the most fun with the solubility tests. One type dissolves in acetone, another type does not but does dissolve in water given a little time. A few of the samples that are supposed to dissolve in acetone actually do not seem to do this. The objective of the exercise is to assign the recycle nos. to the types of plastics on the last page. Match the characteristics up the best that you can, as they may not fit precisely.

For the last question, I am looking at an application of things learned such as density relationships in the answer to the last question.


There are still a number of incomplete assignments out there. Please get caught up as soon as possible.



Issue # 6B: A Civil Action - Case Study of a Trial involving chemicals in water causing cancer. This should be interesting. I have made assignments for you to research. When all of the research is completed. You can be the jury and vote on the verdict.

FINAL EXAM: Some students have been asking about the Final Exam. This is a combination type exam - Topic 12, 13 (50 points) and 50 points for the final exam - total points = 100 and in the same format that we have been using. One part will be in the form of an essay that asks you to draw together a variety of concepts learned throughout the term...sort of the complete life cycle of a consumer product from raw material to final disposal. For any early birds, EXAM # 4/Final is available.