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Week # 14 - May 14 -21


Fourteenth Week Assignments: Final Exam Week due on May 21.

Assignments Past Due:
Topic 13: Toxic and Hazardous Waste Disposal

ISSUE # 6B- A Civil Action: You may continue to work on this issue without late point penalties. Please try to consider all points of view and try to address the main question of whether W.R. Grace was responsible. We have had a good discussion so far and the verdict is already developing and it may surprise you!!

The absolute and final deadline for any work to count for a grade is, Friday, May 23.

1. Exam # 4, including the Final Exam as html file is now available online and due on Wed, May 21. The absolute and final deadline for ALL BACK WORK is due on Friday, May 23. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. The Exam Menu for various form of the exam is also posted as well. Sample Answer for the last question on the exam.

****Be sure to check the sample answer to the exam so that you will cover all parts requested in the question. This question is worth 35 points so do not treat it lightly. A substantial answer is expected to get 35 points.****
You probably will NOT find references to the environmental impact information about a product. My intent is for you to try to think back on your own to the original resource of the chemical and then apply what you have been learning about air, water, and solid/hazardous waste as applied to the extraction of the resource from the ground, what potential problems occur during the refining and manufacture of the chemical. How do you get it to the store and your house? Basically what are the envrionmental impacts of transportation? Finally in your use and disposal of the product what are the additional environmental impacts?


2. On-Line Course Evaluation (this is due on Friday, May 23): I realize that you have many things to complete, but I would certainly appreciate it if you took some time to reflect upon the on-line course so that I may improve it for others, as well as, explain the pros and cons to my faculty colleagues. I would especially like to hear from those students that struggled in keeping up. You may actually turn in this evaluation by email next week as well. If you can not do this by this date, I would still appreciate them into the following week.

Your grade will not be influenced by any comments that you may make. You may respond by email from a download text version

I hope that you have enjoyed and learned from the course as much as I have. It was certainly a different learning experience for everyone involved. I have enjoyed reading the online responses for both the topics and the issues. In many, many cases, there was certainly evidence of a considerable amount of work and effort in composing the answers. I think that you have gained many insights about the various interactions of resource use, chemistry, and environmental issues.


I will still take any make up work with a deduction of points. Please post in the appropriate places in the discussion of Blackboard as I monitor all past assignments. If you are only completing a part of an assignment please state this so I do not wonder where the rest of it may be. Some points are better than no points.

If you are having problems please contact me.


There will be a total of 634 points at the end of the course. The final grade is based on a percentage of the total points:
The following are the points needed to make a certain grade:

A = 100-91% = 577
B = 90-81% = 513
C = 80-71% = 450
D = 70- 61% = 386

The absolute and final deadline for any work to count for a grade is, Friday, May 23.