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Week # 2 - February 13 - 20

It looks like most of you made good progress on completing the first week assignments. For those that have not completed all of the assignments, I will give a day or two extra without late penalties just this first week. Please call or email me if you are having difficulties in getting started.

 On-line Lecture Discussion Board: We will continue to use the Blackboard Discussion Board for Topic 2: The discussion in the first week was very satisfactory - good content, just about the right length, brief but to the point. As a matter of practice, I will read all postings, but not necessarily make comments unless there are glaring errors, misunderstandings, or omissions. I will comment on some interesting points raised. At the end of the due date, I will tabulate all of the contributions and record the points in the grade book. Periodically, I will notify you of any "holes" - missing assignments in my grade book. I will also periodically update you when I return an email message to you .

For emails be sure to put CHM 110 in the subject line or you may get deleted with spam. For identification purposes, please identify yourself with at least first name and last initial or preferably with your whole name. There are several same first names - John

More students could make use of the third question option of making other comments or asking a question - I did answer a couple of questions this last week. We can probably get more of a dialog going in that discussion forum. So please check this section when you are on the Discussion Board.

The comments on the Ecological Footprint were an interesting wake up for a lot of you. In order to get the numbers, they are also calculating a lot of "hidden infrastructure that you would normally not think appliced to you. For example to drive a car, how many resources go into the actual metal, plastics, etc to make the car? What does it take to convert oil into gasoline? Then you have to think about all of the materials needed to make roads and bridges. Each person is assigned a piece of all of these things.

As a backup - it might be bettter to write the message in a word processor, than copy , paste it to the message box. Or if you do type directly and before you post the message: Select and copy to your clipboard, paste into a word processor.

If for some reason you can not post a message in the proper place in the discussion Board, then copy paste into the email message box and send it to me in that fashion. This is only for emergency purposes.


Class Introduction
Topic 1- on-line discussion questions

Be sure to check out the Student Gallery of Pictures - put a name with a face.

If you are unable to hear the short 3-5 minutes audio clips, then here is a link to download the QuickTime Player.

Quicktime for Windows - PC -free download.

Second Week Assignments - Due February 20 - Wednesday evening:

1. I think that the use of the Blackboard Discussion Board got off to a good start. If you did not get started using it here are the general directions. Directions to Use Blackboard Discussion Board

2. TOPIC 2: Start reading the chapters of the text book that correlate with the Topic 2 Respond to three of the questions in he Topic 2 Outline as indicated.

For QUES. 11, the assignment is to do ONE element for a report. First, check the Element Reports already posted so that you pick an element that is not already done. Do not be overly concerned about someone else doing the same element that you are doing. First check to see if an element is already choosen, if so pick another. Then after you have done your research, if another person did it simultaneously, that will be OK.

You can also find info about an element in a science encyclopedia in the reference section of the library.

A couple of interesting examples of elements:
Can anyone find the name of a radioactive man-made element that is in a safety device in your home?

What about the "lead" in a lead pencil? Is is really lead or some other element?

What is in the element in a diamond ring?

3. Home Lab # 1:

Do the lab at home by yourself or with a friend. It is OK to find a partner or two and do the lab together. Each peerson will still have to post their own lab report in Blackboard.

Also if the lab seems to formible, then just do all of the parts that can be answered by the materials given online. This will give you 10 or 11 points. Some points are better than no points. So make every effort to get over the hurdle of doing the first lab.

 Notes on Home Labs: The home labs are presented on the internet in two formats:

1. Lab # 1: Lab menu Page the MSWord versions of the lab is available and suitable for downloading and printing AND also, for typing your answers into a word processor. You are to answer all of the questions if you want full credit of up to 15 points. Once you have a hard copy of the lab then go the the HTML version of the lab and of all of the parts that may be given online.

 2. Lab #1 HTML web page - hyperlinked to a few useful helps or graphics. Look at this first because it contains useful links and some of the parts of the lab can be found only on the internet as I have done some parts of the lab for you and given you the results.

3. See the Lab Instructions for more details of how to do a lab.

Please find the supplies that are needed for Home Lab # 1.
You will need to download the text file, List of Chemicals for the Home Labs.

It is permitted to work a lab with a partner. So if you know someone in the class and want to get together with them to work on a lab, that is fine. And you may as well economize on your work.

Look ahead to the pre-lab as you are to do an Element Inventory in Household products for Ques. 1. This can be done at any time at your convenience.

Final Lab Report: Only when you are completely finished will all parts of the lab that you intend to do and it is in word processor form, then go to Blackboard, Labs, Lab Report # 1 - click on Fill in the lab Report. The questions to be filled in are IDENTICAL to those in the lab you have been working on.

At this point a message will say something like "are you sure you want to take this quiz?" - say yes only if you are ready to fill in ALL of the answers for the lab report. You do not get a second chance unless yoyu make a mistake and email me to reopen the lab.

There is no reason to try to take a "peek" at this before you are ready. The Questions in the Lab report (quiz) are IDENTICAL to what you have in your MS Word doc. When you are completely ready, use the copy and paste method to fill in the various boxes in the lab report form. Make sure you go all the way to the bottom to click the SUBMIT button. If you do anything else all of your work is lost, you will get locked out. If you do get locked out either email me or I will find this on my own and clear it so you can try again.


4. LOOK AHEAD: You may want to look ahead begin work on the Topic 6: Special Assignment - Personal Energy Resource Assessment. This requires you to keep track of gasoline use and find electric and natural gas bills.

Want to get further ahead ?? then begin working on ISSUE 1: Should Chlorine be banned from chemical synthesis of compounds?