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Week # 4 - February 27 - March 5

Almost everyone is making progress on turning in assignments on time. This will be a critical week for your success in the course, getting caught up if needed, participating in on-line issue discussion, and working on Exam # 1.

Fourth Week Assignments - due on March 5:
Topic 4 and Exam # 1

Past due Assignments:

Topic 3

Issue #1 not quite past due - continue working on it this week without late point penalties. Issues can always carry one week past the first due date for a total of two weeks spent on an issue. So issue # 1 is finally due in Week # 4.

NOTE on Late Assignments: Starting last week, the grace period is over and I will begin to deduct points for work completed after the due date. The due dates given for Wednesdays may be liberally interpreted as on the discussion board by 9:00 AM on the Thursday morning. An informal grace period exists until Friday. After that it is definitely late. For this past week this applies to Topic 3 only.

There is one extra week when assignments may be completed past the due date with the deduction of 1 point. After a total of two weeks have passed for a topic or a lab, or three weeks on an issue, then you can no longer make it up for credit. This policy goes into effect with the the Week THREE assignments.

I do appreciate early returns on assignments as I can then space out my response times. If there is an Elmhurst computer malfunction this does not apply. If you need an extension (without late point deduction) due to out of town business or illness, I need PRIOR notification (email or phone call). The honor system applies and many repeated requests will become suspect.

1. On-line Lecture Discussion: Do the readings in the text book and correlate that with the Topic 4 Mineral Resources
This week you have a choice of questions to do, pick one from the first set 1-3, and then everyone needs to pick a metal element for a report. There is the possiblity for one extra credit point in this topic.

2. EXAM # 1 due March 5, is now posted, if you want an early start.

Exams are found on the Exam Index Page

See Exam Introduction for directions on exam completion and reporting. Briefly, download the exam and work on it in any way that is comfortable for you; type the short answer/essay questions in MS Word; finally Open Blackboard, click on Course Materials, and then click on the Exams folder, and finally click the appropriate exam number report form. Click the multiple choice answers and copy paste the eassy questions into the exam. Be sure to click the SUBMIT button on the bottom. I will monitor for exams that get locked out, so that you can try again, but to be sure send me an email if you get locked out.

The exam answers are found in one form or another in the textbook, sometimes I give reference pages, other times you will have to find the info yourself. The index can be useful. Sometimes the answers will require an application of a concept or principle found in the text.

Students ARE NOT PERMITTED to share information or check answers on exams with other students. Very minor clarifications may be discussed. The honor system applies.

If you have questions about any exam questions, I will be available for clarifications, and maybe a few hints, so please give me a call or email - BUT do not wait until the last minute if you have some questions.

I am definitely expecting an on time submission of the exam. If you are finding yourself behind in some other aspects of the course, make a supreme effort to get the exam done completely and on time as this is where a majority of the points in the course are found. I can not provide other students feedback on the exam until all students have submitted it.



1. Collect some rain or water samples and measure the pH in preparation for Part I. Procedures 1 and 2: Lab # 4 . due October 24. We have been having quite a bit of rain and more is expected this weekend.

2.. If you find that you have a little extra time you might get started on Lab # 2 and/or Issue # 2, which will both be due in the same time - next week. Both assignments are pretty straight forward with no extra parts to them.