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Week # 7 March 19 – April 2


Seventh Week Assignments due on April 2:

NOTE:  Due to Spring Break there are TWO WEEKS to complete these assignments.

Assignments past due:
Topic 6 online discussion and Special Energy Assessment
Lab # 3
Issue # 2

1. Topic 7 - On-line Discussion: Do the readings in the text book and correlate that with the Topic 7 Alternate Energy Sources. This week we can have a little mini discussion on two current topics of interest and do a report on an alternate energy source.

2. Issue # 3: Global Warming - Start this week - final due date April 9.


First I want to say that the quality of discussion and answers to the Nuclear Debate did improve from the first one. So I want you to keep that up. Please continue to do general research for the debate. The first series of questions (1-5) are not necessarily keyed to any individual internet links. The idea of issue discussion is to become knowledgeable on the whole issue by using a variety of internet sources. Then look harder for info on your specific question (1-5). Finally write 4-6 paragraphs on the main debate question supporting either the YES or NO side. Back up your answer with specific fact. A few people could stand to beef up their answers on Ques 7, although we had very good answers for the most part on the last issue.

In this issue it will be important to be critical of the sources of information that you do find. I have included links to both sides. You should know that the vast majority of reputable scientists do believe that there is sufficient evidence of global warming that we should do something about it. There are other folks and a few scientists that will argue the other way.

This debate is quite pertinent this year, after President Bush had the U. S. pull out of the Kyoto Treaty. No, new proposals have been put forth for what the U. S. will do. You can not blame this entirely on the Republicans as the treaty never came forth when Clinton was president either. The Democrats are not blameless either as they had a chance to support increasing the miles per gallon for cars and SUV's but declined to do so. So they are not serious about this either. The other countries continued without our support. In fact a couple of month ago, Russia approved the treaty so that now it can go into force. If you really get into the facts of what it is and what would be required to correct it, you will find some sobering information. This treaty would require some lifestyle changes in the use of fossil fuel energy. There are very few ways to reduce carbon dioxide without substantially reducing the use of coal, oil, and natural gas - all of which put out carbon dioxide. What are the alternatives?? Be serious and realistic about this.

The main part of the discussion is the answer to the main question # 7: SHOULD THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD COMMIT TO SPECIFIC GOALS FOR THE REDUCTION OF GREENHOUSE GASES? Put your main effort into this question, (worth 6 points) make some good arguments and use some facts to back up your points. This should be 4-6 paragraphs in length, also for people that enter the discussion later, try comment on previous remarks, but add something or refute something - do not just say you agree. (For the Issue #2 most people did an excellent and ample amount of response, but there were still quite a few that did not do the 4-6 paragraphs on Ques 7.) I will be a little more discerning this time in what you write and deduct points for inadequate effort, for Issue 2, there were several people that lost a point because of a too brief response.

Also as a couple of general points: Please cite sources of info. Please put some substance into your main answers and also in the responses. List some facts that form the basis of your arguments. Do not just say that more research is needed - may be true but does not really add to the discussion.


3. EXAM # 2 is available on-line and is due by April 2. Various Format Versions of the Exam. Last time everyone did a pretty good job in getting the exam turned in on time. Please try again for an on time effort for this one. I prefer that everything be done by Wednesday evening by midnight, possibly on Thursday yet.

The exam answers are found in one form or another in the textbook, sometimes I give reference pages, other times you will have to find the info yourself. The index can be useful. Sometimes the answers will require an application of a concept or principle found in the text. In a few cases if you think more than one answer may be possible, reference your thinking with exact page numbers, I may be persuaded to give you the points in question. For the NY TIMES questions, you should find 90 - 100% of the answers right in the news article. Otherwise search diligently for the answers - last time people missed way to many multiple choice questions.

Students ARE NOT PERMITTED to share information or check answers on exams. Very minor clarifications may be discussed. The honor system applies.

If you have questions about any exam questions, I will be available for clarifications, and maybe a few hints, so please send email questions.


Looking all of your spare time....


4. You may get started early and complete HOME Lab # 4 - Acids and Bases in the Household and Acid Rain. Hope you captured some rain in the past couple of weeks. We are not getting too much. You could also try a dew sample.
As I have been alerting you need to get the pH of some rain and other water samples by April 9.