CHM 110 Online Orientation


This page will give you a sequence of pages to look at in place of orientation or as a supplement to items that were discussed on the orientation day. Use the Back button on your browser to return here after each orientation page.

The CHM 110 Menu Page for the course which should be the starting point of all assignments and activities is:

Do not click on this at this time, but go to a slighly different version that contains audio.

Audio CHM Menu Page

The organization of the course consists of three parts - the CHM 110 menu page with all assignment links, the Elmhurst Wiki for discussion of Topics and Issues, and Blackboard to post lab reports, exam answers, email, and to check grades.

Click on the Site Map for visual graphic and audio.

Next we will look at the Course Schedule Page. Dates given are DUE DATES.

Everyweek starting on a Tuesday or Wednesday of each week I will post a News, Announcements, and Helpful Hints: Week # 1 . This will contain the weekly schedule in commentary form with introductions, insights, past assignments due, and a look ahead to future assignments. You can access all of the weekly activities from links on this page. Here is the link for:

Week # 1 with audio.

During the first week, you will need to work on Topic 1 - Introduction to Environmental Issues. The first stop is a general introduction of How to do a Topic Discussion with audio.

If you did not already do the following from the How to do a Topic page, please check these now:

Blackboard Page:
This will bring you to the Elmhurst Blackboard Log-on page. Click on User Login. Log in using your Elmhurst ID and password. Next you should see the page with your name, a mid section with announcements, and on the right side a list of My courses - a list of all of your Blackboard courses. Then Click on Chemistry: CHM 110. This brings you to the CHM 110 course page for Blackboard. THIS IS NOT THE MAIN STARTING POINT FOR THE COURSE. This is the REPORTING place for your work after you have completed your work and research.
Then click on DISCUSSION BOARD, then the Topic or Issue desired, and finally select the appropriate questions in the topic or issue.
Directions to use Blackboard Discussion Board

List your References

In the second week, Topic 2 and Laboratory # 1 will be due. If you have time in the first week you can start to work on the prelab for Lab # 1. Here is a general page on how to do Laboratories.

You could look at Lab # 1 at this time although it is not necessary.

In the thrid week, we will work on the first Issue 1 - Should we Ban Chlorine Compounds? Issues are handled very similarly to Topics using the Elmhurst Blackboard discussion. There are a few differences in how to work on questions and to do the research so it is worth a preliminary look at the general Introduction to Issues.

Finally the fourth and last part of the course are exams. Exams are given as "take-home" and thus you have plenty of time to work on them - most people spend 4-8 hours working on an exam. All of the answers to the exam can be found in the textbook. The questions pretty well follow the order of material in the chapters. Sometimes I will give you specific pages to look at so that I know the content is present for you to use in answering the questions. Eventually all of your work is to be uploaded into Blackboard where you will find the same questions numbers and order.

Here is the link in How to work on Exam Introduction.