How to do Online Topic Discussions


In the audio, ignore the words "Elmhurst wiki" and substitue the word "Blackboard".

Overview of Topic Discussion Requirements

To participate fully in the On-line Course, it is a requirement to engage in short question/answer/discussion with the instructor and other students through the use of an online discussion bulletin board. This discussion board, in Blackboard, is accessed from appropriate places in the topic and issues pages. Students and the instructor respond directly at appropriate places in an evolving article/document. A complete listing of postings is available to everyone at any time. The postings are completed at times of convenience to the student. There are no times when everyone has to be on-line at the same time such as in a chat room.

Each main lecture- topic in the outline will be explored from a variety of viewpoints by text, instructor designed notes and graphics- denoted as ProfO Notes, many other internet sites, and on-line group discussion. It would be to your advantage to look at some of the materials that I have spent time in designing - denoted with ProfO Notes. Otherwise do not be overly concerned by the fairly large number of internet links that I have found. I have just tried to find you more material such as would be given in a lecture to supplement what is in the text book. You may use these, skim them, or omit as you have or do not have time. The On-Line Course requires that students will be more proactive in postings to a discussion board of lecture topic discussions/summaries for instructor/student questions and comments.

There are a 7-10 questions listed on the detailed Topic outlines which are appropriate material for posting and any other questions and comments which you may have. The answers to the questions may be found in the regular text book, in ProfO Notes, or at various Internet sites. I will also make comments and answer questions. These will be posted to Blackboard. The requirement is to answer three questions for 6 points. If you ask questions, respond to other students, or answer a third question, this counts as one of the three questions. If you answer a fourth time, you can get one extra credit point.

1. Assigned Questions: At least for some of the questions, you will be assigned to answer a specific question by using a student ID number assigned at the beginning of the CHM 110 course. For other questions you will have a choice of what question to answer.

2. Check Elmhurst Blackbaord First: Actually before you get ready to answer a question you should check the Blackboard first to see what other people have written. A series of questions will be listed, as well as responses. It will be to your advantage to get started early to have the best choice of questions. You should respond to questions that you have been assigned and any free choice questions that you have. If the question has already been answered try to add something new to answer the question or clarify what has already been written.

3. Research Answers: Each question has some suggested references in the Text, ProfONotes (these I have written in lieu of giving a lecture), and internet sources. You may also look for your own sources, but I would do this only as a last resort, since I have already given you some quality links.

Take any notes that you think will be helpful that can be written more formally for the discussion. Try to find as much information as possible to and answer the question. Please rewrite answers in your own words that you understand. If you just copy and paste from the internet it will be quite evident that you really do not know the meaning of many of the technical terms.

4. Write Response: Write up your answers to the question in a Word Processor so that you have a backup copy.

5. Post Response in Elmhurst Blackboard: Then go to the appropriate sections of the CHM 110 Blackboard Page. Find the appropriate Topic Number and Question and click on that link. Then click Edit. Since there are many questions listed on each page, find the correct spot for your posting. To answer a question in the message box, click into the appropriate section and start by giving your name.
Directions to use Blackboard Discussion Board

Method to list references and citations.

6. Post Three Responses: Answer at least three questions unless directed otherwise. For your second and third question, do the assigned one if any, choose your own question, respond to another student, or ask the prof a question.

If you do a question beyond the normal requirements you get one extra credit point.