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Introduction to Examinations:


Obtain Exams:

The Exam Menu page provides links to two types of exam formats:
1) The HTML version gives the exam readily accessible from the internet.
2) The MS Word version is to be used to get a good printout and also for typing the answers to the questions.

Method to Work on the Exam:

Exams will be posted on the internet as HTML files and as MS Word docs about a two weeks prior to the due dates. There are a mixture of multiple choice and essay type questions. The order of the questions on the Word file and the Blackboard Exam form will be exactly the same. I know that students spend many hours working on the exams, therefore it would not be fair to make you stay in front of the computer for that long. Therefore, you have the Word doc which you can print out, hand write some answers and word process others.

The answers to the exam questions can all be found in one form or another in the textbook or the Newspaper article that is provided on each exam. Some of the answers will pop out verbatim, other answers will be found by applying a definition, concept, or will be similar to an example.

You are on your honor not to share information and answers with others in the class. These exams are viewed as similar to a "take home exam". If you have questions or need clarifications, then please call or email me as I have been known to give some hints.

Finally, type up the results, especially the essay type questions in the Word processor by answering all questions through out the exam.

Exam Report Completion in Blackboard:

When you have completed typing in the Word processor, you are ready for the final step which is to post the exam report in Blackboard. Open Blackboard, click on Course Materials, and then click on the Exams folder, and finally click the appropriate exam number report form. This will open in the format of the same questions that you have answered in your exam MS Word document. Some of the questions are multiple choice and will follow your exam question numbers - just plug in the answers. Other questions will appear with the question and then a message box. At this time, from the Word doc. select the appropriate text answer to the question, do a Copy from the Word doc. and a Paste into the Blackboard exam form. Continue in this manner, question by question until finished.

When the exam is complete, go back and check to see that you have not missed anything, and finally click the Submit button on the bottom of the page. At this time you will get a message saying the exam is complete or incomplete if you did not make responses to some questions. If you missed any questions it would be a good idea to go back and complete those that you missed. Finally click the Submit button on the very bottom of the page.

The exam report is set so that immediately you will only see the partial score and nothing else. I will still have to go in and grade the essay questions as in the lab report. Any multiple choice, true false, or matching questions will be graded. At the end of the report you will see your points up to that point which may not be only about half the points because of the number of ungraded questions. Do not panic. The essay type questions need to be reviewed by the instructor and graded. The instructor will check for exams that need grading on a daily basis.

After the exam has been graded, you will be able to see your final score from the Tools, Grade book feature. When everyone has completed the exam, I will make it available to see the correct answers and the feedback. At this point the exam is considered graded. If you have questions about the grading, then you may email me and we can discuss things.



As you all know, even under the best of conditions, computers will fail when you least expect it or for a very important assignment. Depending upon the situation, I strongly recommend that you compose your original message in a word processor document, save it, then copy and paste it into the message box. That way if something does not work quite right, you still have a copy to try again.