NSTA, National Science Teacher Association
Secondary Science Teacher Preparation Program Standards

Standard 10 Professional Practice

The program prepares candidates to participate in the professional community, improving practice through their personal actions, education and development. Professional practice refers to knowledge of, and participation in, the activities of the professional community; ethical behavior consistent with the best interests of students and the community; reflection on professional practices and continuous efforts to ensure the highest quality of science instruction; and willingness to work with students and new colleagues as they enter the profession.

Illinois State Certification Testing Information -

10.a. Engage actively and continuously in opportunities for profession learning and leadership that reach beyond minimum job requirements.

 Professional Organizations

National Science Teachers Association NSTA -
American Chemical Society ACS -

American Physics Society

American Association of Physics Teachers



Portfolio Assignment

To meet this standard:
1. Join two professional organizations. One of the organizations should be the NSTA, and one the other organization should be connected to your major. Most of these organizations have a discounted membership for students.
2. Subscribe to at least one or more professional journals.

 10.b. Reflect constantly upon their teaching and identify means through which they may grow professionally.


NEA Code of Professional Ethics Code of Ethics - NEA
Code of Ethics - Minnesota
 On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research Responsible Conduct In Research
Science Ethics Scenarios
Illinois State University Physics Teacher Education
Carl J. Wenning, Program Coordinator
 Science Ethics Scenarios

 10.c. Use information from students, supervisors, colleagues and other to improve their teaching and facilitate their professional growth.


Teaching Philosophy

Personal Teaching Philosophy - Powerpoint slides - Illinois State University

Sample Teaching Philosophy Statements - Illinois State University
Student example Teaching Philosophy - and Nature of Science
Professor Example of Teaching Philosophy - Mark J. Volkmann, Purdue University

 Eisenhower National Clearinghouse -series of resource links  By Your Own Design -

 Portfolio Assignment

Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Write a Professional Resume

 10.d. Interact effectively with colleagues, parents, students; mentor new colleagues; and foster positive relationships with the community.

Work with Peers