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EDU 315 EDU 422 EDU 440

Literacy ListServ

WebBoard for EDU 422


Effective Practices for Reading Comprehension By, P.David Pearson

Sixty Years of Reading Research - But Who's Listening? By Steve Zemelman, Harvey Daniels, and Marilyn Bizar



Literacy Web Resources

More Educational Web Sites

One Hundred Picture Books Every One Should Know!

CIRA - Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement

Readers Theatre Resource

More Rders. Theatre with free material!

Survival Guide For New Teachers

Books About Children With Disabilities


Children's Literature

Child Lit
Web 66 Reading List for primary grades

Kids Bibs

Children's Lit. & Issues

Fairrosa Cyber Library

Just For Kids Who Love Books!

Carol Hurst's Web Site

Clip Art

Educational Clip Art



Commission on Holocaust

United States Holcaust Memorial Museum

Multicultural Literature and Art Holocaust Commission

Faith Ringgold Resource

Faith Ringgold - Any1canfly
New Museum Exhibitions
Teacher Resource File

Special Education Resourses

What is Aspergers Syndrome?

The Advocacy Center for Adults with Asperger Syndrome, Autism & Related Disabilities, Inc.




Cultural Diversity

African-American Images

Using Multicultural Picture Books for Understanding Literary Elements and Appreciating Diverse Cultures




Loads of academic games!

Games and Flashcards







Early Childhood Literacy

Early Childhood Literacy Project

Early Childhood Technology Literacy


Teacher Resources

Resources for teachers

Free Clip Art

The Teachers' Corner

ABC Teach!

Teacher Tips and lots, lots more!!

Creative Classroom Online

Random House


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Resources Picture Books - Lesson Plans
QuiltEthnic Lesson Plans
Curriculum Unit Index
Sally Jo Bronner Curriculum Thematic Units

Reading, English, and Communication Lesson Plans



Literacy and Technology

Literacy and Technology puzzlemaker

Create your own Grimm's Fairy Tale on line (similar to madlibs)

Science and Social Studies

Notable Social Studies Books Science & Children The 50 states

Geography and more!


All About WebQuests
How To Make Your Own
Kathy Schrock's Guide
San Diego State University Templates for WebQuests


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