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           GEO 101:Weather and Climate        


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Earth as a Single System:

Examine Earth from a new perspective

Observe a visual model of Earth's spheres

Earth's Spheres


Observe some products of a Geographic Information System (GIS)

Models of the Earth:

Observe one place at many scales

Observe many representations of a single place

Earth's Structure/Motion:

Origin of the solar system

Earth has an axis

Earth's daily rotation

Constellations in the Southern Sky Through the Year

Earth's yearly revolution around the sun

Winds, Waves, and Currents:

Formation of an arch

Wave motion

The formation of loess deposits

Waves as they break on the shore

The Atmosphere and Weather:

Auroras as seen from the ground and from space

Seasonal changes in the amount of sunlight reaching Earth

Infrared images that show variation in Earth's surface temperature

Advection fog

Clouds forming and dissipating

Hail forming

How barometric pressure changes with weather conditions

Land and sea breezes

The Coriolis effect over Earth's surface

How the Coriolis effect influences wind direction

Satellite movies of air masses moving across North America

An animation of a thunderstorm

An animation of a hurricane

Compare and contrast warm and cold fronts

An animation of a tornado

Different climate zones

How nature records climate changes

How the monsoon changes direction


Life at a hydrothermal vent

Origins of some ocean floor sediments

Global surface currents

How upwelling occurs

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