By:  Molly Angove

Growing up many children have a large interest in learning about dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs are very mysterious and this may be why students find them very interesting.  People are very unsure of their extinction, and also there have never been a human who has actually seen a dinosaur.  With the growth of dinosaur findings, dinosaurs have become a popular unit in schools.    There has been many books published to enhance children's knowledge and imagination of dinosaurs.  Below is a list of a variety of different books teachers can use in their classroom for students to learn about dinosaurs.

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Informational Books
Dinosaur picture

Awesome Dinosaurs:  Meat Eaters
Benton, Michael.  Awesome Dinosaurs:  Meat Eaters.  Copper Beech Books. Connecticut: 2001

This is an informational book about the characteristics of meat eater dinosaurs.  It discusses everything from their type of jaws, to their different sizes to the meaning of their name.    In the book it gives a time line of when certain types of meat eater dinosaurs existed.  The book answers many types of questions people may have about meat eater dinosaurs.

How Do We Know Dinosaurs Existed?

Benton, Michael.  How Do We Know Dinosaurs Existed?  Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers. Texas: 1995.

This informational book discusses many different facts about dinosaurs and how we know these facts are true.  It consists of a variety of topics that teaches children about the different types of dinosaurs.

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Picture Books
Long Neck Dinosaur

Dinosaurs After Dark

Emmett, Jonathan & Curtis Jobling.  Dinosaurs After Dark.  Golden Books Publishing Company, Inc.  New York: 2001.

Bobby is trying to fall asleep but he cannot sleep.  He starts to hear strange sounds outside his bedroom window.  Using his curiosity, Bobby follows the sounds to the city.  In the city Bobby finds dinosaurs and he starts to play with them.  They continue playing into he falls asleep.  Then the dinosaurs take Bobby back to his home and he falls soundly asleep in his bed.

Our Mammoth
Mitchell, Adrian & Priscilla Lamont.  Our Mammoth.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers.  San Diego:  1987.

One day the Gumble twins were at the beach and all of sudden the discovered a mammal come out of an iceberg.  Being startled, they take the mammoth home to their Mother.  With kindness, their mother lets them keep the mammoth as a pet.

A Dinosaur Named After Me
Most, Bernard.  A Dinosaur Named After Me.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers.  San Diego: 1991.

This picture book draws parallels between the physical characteristics and capabilities of certain dinosaurs and specific children names.  It incorporates the name of each child into the dinosaur's name.  With each dinosaur name it gives a brief description of certain characteristics  of the dinosaur.


Most, Bernard.  ABC T-Rex.  Harcourt, Inc.  San Diego: 2000

There once was a T-Rex that loved his ABC's very much that he ate them.  With each letter in the alphabet he experienced a word that describes food or eating food.

If The Dinosaurs Came Back

Most, Bernard.  If The Dinosaur s Came Back.  Harcourt, Inc.  1978:  San Diego.

A young boy wishes for the return of the dinosaurs.  He imagines different ways how dinosaurs would be useful for the world.  He imagines dinosaurs helping people do their daily chores, and fun activities people can do with dinosaurs.

Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Most, Bernard.  Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers.  San Diego: 1984.

A group of children are reading books about dinosaurs in their public library.  They start to wonder what really has happened to the dinosaurs and how they disappeared.  The children come up with imaginative ways how dinosaurs have disappeared.

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Chapter Books-Fantasy
Dinosaurs Walking

Dinoverse:  Dinosaurs Ate My Homework
Ciencin, Scott.  Dinoverse:  Dinosaurs Ate My Homework. Random House. New York: 2000.

Like most students in junior high the students at Wetherford Junior High have a difficult time surviving their teen years.  When the students have to put on a science fair they never would have expected Bertram's science project to yank them back into the time of dinosaurs.

The Lost World
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan  The Lost World.  Puffin Publisher. New York: 2002.

This is one of the many chapter books based on the dinosaur movie The Lost World.  This chapter book is appropriate for students 9-12 years old.

The Hand of Dinotopia
Foster, Alan Dean.  The Hand of Dinotopia.  Harper Collins Publisher.  New York: 1999.

Dinotopia is a land where humans and dinosaurs coexist in harmony.  This land is protected so that no one can come to it.  But in this novel two pilots, Sylvia and Will, uncover an ancient legend that tells how to get to this land.

Dinotopia: Survive!
Strickland, Brad.  Dinotopia:  Survive!  Random House.  New York: 2001.

On the island of Dinotopia Kurt an earthquake send him tumbling down a cliff.  Without any injuries, Kurt wakes up but cannot remember anything.    Not knowing where he is Kurt wonders into the rain forest, while his family and dinosaur friends are in search of him.

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Walking T-Rex

The Fossil Girl:  Mary Anning's Dinosaur Discovery
Brighton, Catherine.  The Fossil Girl: Mary Anning's Dinosaur Discovery.  The Millbrook Press.  Connecticut: 1999.

This is a biography of twelve year old Mary Anning.  Mary Anning discovered the Ichthyosaur skeleton while living in Britain. This story tells about how and where she found the dinosaur skeleton.

Rare Treasure:  Mary Anning's and her Remarkable Discoveries
Brown, Don.  Rare Treasure: Mary Anning's and her Remarkable Discoveries.  Houghton Mifflin Company.  Boston: 1999.

While on the rocky beach at Lyme Regis, Mary Anning's discovered a dinosaur skeleton in 1810.  This is a biography of the life of Mary Anning.  It tells about her life growing up, and her life after finding a dinosaur skeleton.

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Traditional Literature-Legends
baby dinosaur

Fabulous Monsters
Williams, Marcia.  Fabulous Monsters.  Candlewick Press.  New York:  1999.

This books discusses different myths related to dinosaurs and monsters.  In this traditional literature students can compare the different myths and create their own too.

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Professional Resources
killer dinosaurs

Jurassic Park Institute

This website is recommended for children to learn about dinosaurs and do many different activities related to dinosaurs.  There are many different resources where children can learn about the times of the dinosaurs.


This website is a great source for finding different types of dinosaur books for all age levels.  You can order books about dinosaurs through this website.

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