Historical narratives of the Holocaust written for children and young adults allow all of us - children and adults -  to hear the stories of the people who experienced this horrific period in history through the voices of children.  The victims, the survivors, the rescuers, the perpetrators, and the bystanders speak to us from the pages of children and young adult literature.  When we learn the stories of the Holocaust and when we teach them to our children and our students through children's literature, we insure that we will remember the consequences of this period of human history.

The Children's Literature Collection of the A.C. Buehler Library of Elmhurst College contains a selection of picture books, novels, and memoirs that tell the stories of the Holocaust.  This collection supports Elmhurst College's Holocaust Education Project, the Education Department's commitment to its partnership with Facing History, and various courses in social studies methods, children's literature, and adolescent literature.  We encourage our students to read these stories and to use them in their work both as preservice teachers and as they move into their own classrooms.

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Picture Books

Ackerman, Karen.  Night Crossing. CL808.80358 A
Adler, David.  Hiding From the Nazis CL940.5318 ADL
Adler, David.  Hilde and Eli:  Children of the Holocaust CL940.5318 ADLE
Adler, David.  Number On My Grandfather's Arm.  CL808.80358 ADL
Adler, David. One Yellow Daffodil. CL808.80358 AD
Adler, David. A Picture Book of Anne Frank. CL940.5318 FYA
Bunting, Eve.  Terrible Things. CL808.80358 AD
Feder, Paula.  Feather-Bed Journey. CL808.80358 F
Hoestlandt, Jo.  Star of Fear, Star of Hope.  CL808.80358 H
Innocenti, Roberto.  Rose Blanche. CL808.80358 I
Larkin, Patricia.  Don't Forget.  CL808.80358 L
McDonough, Yona.  Anne Frank.  CL940.5318 FYm
Mochizuki, Ken.  Passage To Freedom. CL 940.5318 MO
Nerlove, Miriam.  Flowers On the Wall.  CL808.80358 NE
Nivola, Claire.  Elisabeth.  CL808.80358 N
Oppenheim, Shulamith.  The Lily Cupboard. CL808.80358 O
Polacco, Patricia.  The Butterfly.  CL808.80358 P
Rubin, Susan.  Fireflies in the Dark.  CL940.5318 RU
Sim, Dorrith.  In My Pocket.  CL808.80358 SI
Sonderling, Eric.  Knock At the Door.  CL808.80358 SO
Wilde, Margaret.  Let the Celebrations Begin.  on order 


Baer, Edith.  Frost In the Night.  CL808.80358 BA
Baer, Edith.  Walk The Dark Streets. CL808.80358 B
Dahlberg, Maurine.  Play To The Angel.  CL808.80358 D
Denenberg, Barry. One Eye Laughing The Other Weeping.  CL808.80358 DEN
Douglas, Kirk.  Broken Mirror.  CL808.80358 DO
Drucker, Marilla.  Jacob's Rescue.  CL808.80358 DR
Radin, Ruth..  Escape To The Forest.  CL808.80358 R
Isaacs, Ann.  Torn Thread.  CL808.80358 IS
Jules, Jacqueline.  The Grey Striped Shirt..  CL808.80358 J
Kerr, Judith.  When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit CL808.80358 K
Laird, Christa.  Shadow of the Wall. CL808.80358 LA
Lowry, Lois.  Number The Stars CL808.80358 LO
Matas, Carol.  After the War. CL808.80358 MA
Matas, Carol.  The Garden. CL808.80358 MAT
Matas, Carol.  Greater Than Angels. CL808.80358 MATAS
Matas, Carol.  In My Enemy's House.  CL808.80358 MATA
Matas, Carol.  Daniel's Story. CL808.80358 M
Mazer, Norma Fox.  Goodnight, Maman. CL808.80358 MAZ
Orlev, Uri.  Man From the Other Side CL808.80358 OR
Pausewang, Gudrun.  Final Journey CL808.80358 P
Propp, Vera.  When The Soldiers Were Gone.  CL808.80358 PR
Reiss, Johanna.  The Journey Back..  CL9405318 RE
Reiss, Johanna.  Upstairs Room CL808.80358 RE
Richter, Hans Peter.  Friederich. CL808.80358 RI
Sachs, Marilyn. Pocket Full of Seeds.  CL808.80358 S
Schnur, Steven.  Shadow Children. 1994. CL808.80358 SCH
Serralier, Ian Escape From Warsaw 940.54 S487
Van Steenwyck, Elizabeth.  Traitor Among Us.  1998. CL808.80358 V
Vos, Ida.  Anna Is Still Here. CL808.80358 VO
Vos, Ida.  Dancing on the Bridge of Avignon CL808.80358 VOSI
Vos, Ida.  Hide and Seek. CL808.80358VOS
Vos, Ida.  Key Is Lost CL808.80358 VOS4
Williams, Laura.  Behind the Bedroom Wall. 1996 CL808.80358 W
Winter, Kathryn.  Katarina. CL808.80358 WI
Yolen, Jane.  Devil's Arithmetic CL808.80358 Y

Memoirs, Autobiographies, Biographies

Bitton-Jackson, Livia.  I Have Lived a Thousand Years 940.5318 J131
Boas, Jacob.  We Are Witnesses. CL 940.5318 W
Fox, Anne L.  Ten Thousand Children CL 940.5318 F
Kaplan, William.  One More Border CL 940.5318 K
Lobel, Anita.  No Pretty Pictures CL 940.5318 LO
Nieuwsma, Milton J. Kinderlager. CL 940.5318 K1
Novac, Ana.  Beautiful Days of My Youth 940.5318 
Opdyke, Irene.  In My Hands 940.5318 O61i
Perl, Lila.  Four Perfect Pebbles. 940.5318 P451F
Pressler, Miriam.  Anne Frank:  A Hidden Life.  B FRANKANN 
Rabinovits, Shoshanah.  Thanks To My Mother. 940.5318 R116t
Rol, Ruud van der.  Anne Frank:  Beyond the Diary B FRANK
 Rosenberg, Maxine B.  Hiding To Survive. CL 940.5318 R

Teaching About the Holocaust with Children's Literature

Print Resources 

Goldberg, Martin.  Children's Literature and the Holocaust. ED399955
Rochman, Hazel.  "Bearing Witness to the Holocaust." Book Links (January 1998) p.8+. 
Rochman, Hazel.  "Holocaust survivors, rescuers, and bystanders." Book Links (January 1999), p.54+. 
Schneider, Dean.  "Personal Journeys".  Book Links (August/September 2000), p.10+. 
Short, Geoffrey.  "Learning through Literature: Historical Fiction, Autobiography, and the Holocaust."  Children's Literature In Education (December 1997): p.179-190.
Sullivan, Edward.  The Holocaust in Literature For Youth.  Scarecrow Press, 1999  011.62 S949h 

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Mural on the left wall of the common area in the children's barack at Birkenau.Mural on the left wall of the common area in the children's barack at Birkenau.

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