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Elmhurst’s collection of Chicago Imagist and Abstractionist art is among the best in the nation.

Focusing on artists working in Chicago between about 1950 and the present, the collection displays a broad range of artistic ideas and influences.

The collection dates to 1971, when Elmhurst received federal funding to purchase art for the newly built A.C. Buehler Library. The College focused its collection on works by a group of emerging and affordable Chicago artists—a group that would later be known as the Chicago Imagists.

The first 10 pieces included Jim Nutt’s Toot Toot Woo Woo, Roger Brown’s Performance, Christina Ramberg’s Glimpsed, and Miyoko Ito’s Chinoiserie.

Over the years, the College has added many more works to the collection, thanks to matching grants from the Illinois Arts Council, gifts from artists, and generous donors. Today, the College’s professional collection comprises more than 150 works of art, including many important works by major Imagists and Abstractionists.

Visit the Collection

The Elmhurst College Art Collection is available for viewing in the recently renovated A.C. Buehler Library. In addition, see the beautiful new second-floor gallery displaying drawings and original prints.

At this time, we are mourning the loss of our curator and director of exhibitions, Suellen Rocca, a trailblazing artist herself. Please direct inquiries about the College Art Collection to in the interim.

The full external Elmhurst College Art Collection website, normally linked on the page, is currently under maintenance. The link will return as soon as it is available.

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