About the Plan

The Elmhurst University community proudly anticipates our 2021 sesquicentennial by introducing the Elmhurst University 2021 Strategic Plan.

This comprehensive plan will set the agenda for the next three to five years as we build upon and celebrate 150 years as providers of high quality education for a diverse student body.

Mindful of our past and what we do best, the education of our students grounds Elmhurst’s mission. We believe that a strong liberal arts foundation, enhanced by professional preparation, will best educate our students as citizens and leaders. The vision statement reflects the best of Elmhurst University, an institution with a long history of embracing change and responding to the needs of students, community and society so that our alumni are prepared to lead.

Elmhurst’s values continue to provide a foundation for understanding how we work toward achieving our mission. These values serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility to a common good, social justice, and our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We recognize that organizations and individuals have both the right and responsibility to achieve at the highest levels, and we believe that achievement can only be understood in terms of the highest ideals and service to others, and that these values reflect and support the United Church of Christ and its mission.

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