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Strategic Issues

Based on the University’s mission, vision for the future, core values, and planning environment; priorities established by President Ray; insights of the Trustees; and careful and considered reflections of students, faculty, and staff, the University looks to address the following questions in this strategic plan.

Strategic Issue One

What student body size and composition, undergraduate and graduate, residential and commuter, and from differing geographic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, will best position the University to achieve its educational goals while ensuring sufficient revenue to support the enterprise? Strategic issue one is addressed in strategies 1.5 and 2.2.

Strategic Issue Two

What faculty, administrative, and staff size and composition, full and part time, will best position the University to serve the educational needs of its students and meet the University’s vision for a more diverse campus environment? Strategic issue two is addressed in strategies 3.1 through 3.4.

Strategic Issue Three

What curricular and co-curricular priorities will best position the University to realize its vision for the future? Strategic issue three is addressed in strategies 1.1 through 1.82.5.

Strategic Issue Four

What physical plant and infrastructure priorities best support the attainment of our strategic goals? What roles should technology play in supporting teaching and learning as well as the larger enterprise? How does the University address environmental sustainability? Strategic issue four is addressed in strategies 1.73.3 through 3.5, and 4.1 through 4.3.

Strategic Issue Five

How should financial resources be acquired and allocated to support the work of the University? Strategic issue five is addressed in strategies 2.4 and 5.1 through 5.3.

Strategic Issue Six

How does the University address financial and market pressures arising from changing economic and demographic circumstances? How does the University assist its students in addressing financial and other possible barriers to their attendance? Strategic issue six is addressed in strategies 2.25.1, and 5.3.

Strategic Issue Seven

How should the University foster spiritual development in ways that respect individuals’ varied relationships with faith traditions? Strategic issue seven is addressed in strategies 1.12.5, and 2.6.

Strategic Issue Eight

What relationships and partnerships should be established or strengthened to support the work of the University? How might the University strengthen its position as an intellectual and cultural resource for the region and nation? Strategic issue eight is addressed in strategies 2.1 through 2.6.

Strategic Issue Nine

How should the University gather, disseminate, and use information necessary to assess and be accountable for its progress and to spark ongoing development and innovation? Strategic issue nine is addressed in strategies 1.5 through 1.83.5, and 5.1.

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