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Strategic Goal 2

Forge Innovative Relationships to Advance Learning, Scholarships, and Service.

Elmhurst College thrives as part of a complex network of relationships and serves a variety of communities: prospective students, alumni, friends, parents, religious organizations, businesses and corporations, and scholarly organizations. These relationships are integral to our vision of the College and the Elmhurst Experience. We honor this commitment to our relationships on and beyond campus. Elmhurst College will employ a variety of approaches to foster the relationships it will need to support the work of the College, especially in the city of Chicago and surrounding region.

Strategies and Targets


Foster new and increased partnerships between Elmhurst College and outside constituents to support the goals of the College.


  • Determine specific targets for partnership possibilities during the implementation phase of the plan, beginning in 2009. Responsible Areas: Academic Departments, the Centers, College Relations, President’s Office, President’s Cabinet. Financial Impact: Moderate.
  • Create President’s Advisory Council in 2009-10. Responsible Areas: President’s Office, President’s Cabinet. Financial Impact: Already budgeted.


Adopt an admissions strategy to make Elmhurst College attractive and accessible to the various constituencies we serve.


  • Reach enrollment targets as projected in the College’s three-year budget pro-forma. Responsible Areas: Admission, Marketing.  Financial Impact: Already budgeted.
  • Move toward ethnic diversity of 25% in the entering first-year class by 2013-14, including African-American representation of 9%.  Responsible Areas: Admission, Marketing. Financial Impact: High.
  • Build the number and amount of funded scholarships. Responsible Area: Development. Financial Impact: Low.


Implement the new Alumni Relations strategic plan.


  • Implement the Alumni Relations strategic plan’s elements as scheduled. Responsible Areas: Development and Alumni Relations, Marketing. Financial Impact: Moderate, with 2009-10 initiatives already budgeted.


Enhance support for faculty and administration in their scholarly and creative work and professional activities.


  • Reach a minimum of 5 annual major grant proposals by faculty by 2013-14. Responsible Areas: Academic Affairs, Academic Departments. Financial Impact: Low.
  • Increase faculty peer-reviewed conference presentations and peer-reviewed journal submissions by 2013-14. Responsible Areas: Academic Affairs, Academic Departments. Financial Impact: Low.


Further clarify the College’s understanding of its relationship with the United Church of Christ (UCC) and implement programming appropriate to this understanding.


  • Determine specific language and expectations for the College’s relationship with the UCC during the implementation phase of the plan, beginning in 2009. Responsible Areas: President’s Cabinet, Chaplain. Already budgeted.


Enlarge and enhance cultural and scientific activities beyond the curriculum.


  • Begin exploring additional partnership and funding opportunities in 2009-10. Responsible Areas: Academic Affairs, Development and Alumni Relations, College Relations. Financial Impact: Already budgeted.
  • Begin exploring the Forum for Religion in Public Life in 2009-10, by forming an advisory board, identifying College faculty and departmental leadership, and investigating potential funding sources. Responsible Areas: President’s Office in consultation with the faculty, ACSP. Financial Impact: Already budgeted.

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