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Strategic Goal 5

Demonstrate Outstanding Stewardship of Resources to all Constituencies.

Elmhurst College is committed to the thoughtful stewardship of its financial resources to support its students, faculty, administrators, and staff as they engage in creating and delivering the Elmhurst Experience. We will demonstrate this commitment at all times, to all of our constituencies.

Strategies and Targets


Adopt a financial plan to support a fully prioritized version of the Strategic Plan, through revenue growth, expense management, reallocation, and investment management.


  • Update outline of external conditions and create financial plans accordingly by May 1, 2009. Responsible Areas: Financial Affairs, President’s Cabinet. Financial Impact: Already budgeted.


Establish and schedule a formal review process for non-academic, operational administrative programs.


  • Adopt a formal review process during fiscal year 2009-10.  Responsible Areas: Finance and Administration, President’s Cabinet. Financial Impact: Within budget base.


Create a higher level of philanthropy in all areas of giving and from all sources.


  • Determine specific fund-raising goals during the campaign planning process ongoing from 2009. Responsible Areas: Development and Alumni Relations, Trustees.  Financial Impact: Planning within budget base.

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