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Response, Investigation and Complaint Resolution Procedures

Please review the University’s Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy, Sections 7-11, which contains the following information.

7) Title IX Report Response and Assessment

7.a) Confidentiality

7.b) Clery Act Compliance and Campus Crime Alerts

7.c) Interim Measures and Accommodations

7.d) Advisors

8) Prompt, Fair, and Equitable Resolution

9) Resolution Time Frame

10) Informal Resolution Procedure

11) Formal Complaint Resolution Procedure

11.a) Procedural Expectations

11a.i) Rights

11.a.ii) Conflict of Interest

11.a.iii) Standard of Proof

11.b) Investigations

11.b.i) Investigative Report

11.b.ii) Resolution

11.b.iii) Sanctions, Remedies, and Corrective Actions

11.c) Appeal Process

11.c.i) Appeal Notice and Decision

Last updated: 08/18

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