Career Courses

The Weigand Center offers two academic courses that help you explore career options and conduct a successful job search.

Earn academic credit while preparing to make big decisions about your major and your career. Each of our career courses offers 0.50 credits and provides the foundation you need to launch a dynamic career.

For First-Year and Sophomore Students

CPP 299 Professional Foundations of Career Development

This course will help you clarify your goals, choose a major and begin to explore career options. Topics covered include:

  • Myths and misconceptions about choosing a major
  • Useful sources of information about majors
  • Skills assessments
  • How to set obtainable goals
  • How to make professional connections with alumni
  • The art of networking

For Junior and Senior Students

CPP 399 Professional Career Preparation

This course prepares you to conduct a successful job search and enter the world of work. You’ll practice career skills and learn valuable strategies, including:

  • How to expand your network
  • Best practices for job and internship interviews
  • Research techniques and technologies to support your job search
  • How and when to apply to graduate school

To learn more about the Weigand Center’s career courses, contact us.

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