Getting Started

Thinking ahead increases the likelihood of landing the internship you’ve dreamed of. Be sure to consult the University’s internship guidelines.

Read Our Internship Guidelines

Internship Timeline

  • Begin planning for your internship one semester before you want to intern.
    • Consider taking CPP 299 Professional Foundations of Career Development—this will help you narrow your career field, and make connections in the field of your choice.
    • Being involved in the Mentoring Program may help you make the necessary connections to find an internship in your field.
  • Activate your Elmhurst University Handshake account for career information and resources.
  • Schedule an Internship Info Session 1 appointment via Handshake to meet with an advisor to discuss the various career resources available to students.
    • Go to Career Center > Select Appointments > Schedule A New Appointment > Career Experiences Advising > Internship Info Session 1.
  • Create your resume and cover letter.
    • Upload your resume to Handshake, so it can be reviewed. Once approved you will be able to apply for jobs and internships.
    • If you need one-on-one assistance schedule an appointment via Handshake.
    • Go to Career Center>Appointments>Schedule New Appointment>Resume Assistance>Resume Review.
    • Review Writing and Effective Resume and Making Your Cover Letter Count for guidelines.
  • Create and complete a LinkedIn profile.
  • Finding an Internship Site:
  • Applying for an internship:
    • Note the application procedures as specified by each internship site. Some require a cover letter, writing samples, etc. while others request only your resume.
    • Follow up with a phone call or e-mail to make certain your resume has been received and inquire about the selection process. Persistence pays!
  • To register for academic credit:
    • Once you secure an internship site, schedule a mandatory Academic Internship Registration appointment with Christina Danno via Handshake to complete the Consent to Register form (needs to be approved by both Faculty Monitor & Internship Coordinator—Christina Danno) and all required academic internship paperwork.

Internship Credit

You can receive academic credit for an internship, but you are not required to register for credit. It also is possible to receive credit and be paid.

The academic credit internship course also fulfills the Experiential Learning Tag requirement.

Fall and Spring Terms

.5 Credit7-13 hours/week for 14 weeksTotal: 98-182 hours
1.0 Credit14-17 hours/week for 14 weeksTotal: 196-238 hours
1.5 Credit18+ hours/week for 14 weeksTotal 252+ hours

Summer Term

.5 Credit13-24 hours/week for 8 weeksTotal: 98-182 hours
1.0 Credit25-31 hours/week for 8 weeksTotal: 196-238 hours
1.5 Credit32+ hours/week for 8 weeksTotal: 252+ hours

January Term

1.0 Credit35-40 hours/week for 4 weeksTotal: 140-160 hours
  • If you are continuing your internship for more than one semester at the same internship site and would like to receive additional credit, your internship responsibilities must change in some way. That might involve working in a different department or on a different project. This must be approved by your faculty monitor or internship coordinator.
  • It’s possible to get credit for more than one internship—that is up to each academic department.
  • Notify the internship coordinator that you are participating in a for-credit internship. Deadlines are:
    • Fall Term: July 1
    • January Term: Nov. 15
    • Spring Term: Dec. 1
    • Summer Term: April 1

Christina Danno, MBA

Associate Director, Career Experiences
Russell G. Weigand Center for Professional Excellence

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