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The Russell G. Weigand Center for Professional Excellence has a wealth of resources to get you started on your search for an internship.

Visit ECconnect, the College’s online career resource website, or check out the useful resources and websites below.

Preparing for the Job Search

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A Warning on Employment Scams

While Elmhurst College reviews postings on this employment resource, we encourage users to exercise caution when using any job posting resource. The College cannot guarantee the legitimacy of individual job opportunities. Use of this system is at the user’s risk.

Following are some indicators of fraudulent job opportunities. Legitimate employers:

  • Won’t ask you to deposit a check into your account, and then send some portion of the proceeds to someone else by MoneyGram, wire transfer, gift cards or other means. Legitimate businesses have their own bank accounts, and won’t ask you to do their banking transactions for them.
  • Won’t ask for your bank account information, ATM card or PIN. Established employers may suggest using their direct deposit service to be paid, requiring bank name, routing number and account number, but that will be part of a more involved hiring process, not something done by phone, text or e-mail.
  • Won’t use temporary phone numbers or SMS/text only numbers.
  • Will not hire you without an interview, and won’t suggest an interview meeting in a public place like a library, coffee shop or other location away from the business location.
  • Rarely use Gmail, Yahoo and similar free e-mail accounts as the primary means to contact them, and their e-mail addresses should match their web domain. Be especially alert to e-mails coming from domains when the website is
  • Won’t require you to buy product inventory, in advance, and then require you to sell it in order to recover your investment.

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