What Interns Do

Apply What You’ve Learned in the Classroom

Your internship will involve substantive, career-related projects. The experience will give you the opportunity to explore your chosen field and learn from employees and managers.

Students have created advertising and promotional campaigns, assisted with employee training, created websites and social media platforms and booked talent for a music venue. For one student, an internship at a radio station led to a full-time job as a DJ.

Others have assisted in preparing tax returns and audits, coordinated inventory control and planning, developed investment portfolios, updated city maps with GIS programs and written code for software. For example, Brandon Schley ’18 tested new products for a video game maker.

In the nonprofit world, students have worked in political campaigns, mentored at-risk youth, and just last summer Ana Pliego ’18 advocated for gender equality in Chicago.

Recent Internship Experiences

  • A Window into Sports Management. Christian Galante ’19 (pictured above), a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, landed an internship with the Florida team. He helped coach in the team’s flag football youth camps and then worked at the Dolphins’ training facility handling a range of tasks, from setting up and breaking down equipment to helping fans find seats, food and souvenirs.
  • Internships That Open Doors. Delaney Ritter ’15 and Stephanie Hintz ’16 landed jobs in the Chicago office of financial services giant Ernst & Young after a summer internship their office in Düsseldorf, Germany. The students sat in on meetings with company chief financial officers and worked on complex analytics projects.
  • Adventures in International Business. Lucas Wetherby Jonsson ’18 received a broad view of operations at Permobil, a Swedish manufacturer of powered wheelchairs. He split a 10-week internship between Permobil’s offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Timrå, Sweden, about three hours from the Stockholm suburb where he had lived for four years as a boy.
  • Reporting on Chicago’s Street Festivals. Marri Gragnani ’18 covered summer events for the digital magazine Rose Phillips, which highlights and promotes local cultural events, small businesses and nonprofits. For each festival, she interviewed producers, publicists, vendors and attendees on camera. She also wrote the scripts, edited the video and uploaded her pieces to social media.

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