Major in Organizational Communication

The goal of the major in organizational communication is to help students develop proficiency in all aspects of human communication, by understanding the structure, patterns and effects of human communication in a variety of career contexts.

It is designed to train students to interact effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds in dyadic, small-group and public settings; apply communication principles to complex decision making; and analyze and solve communication-related problems effectively.

Required Core Courses

  • COM 114 Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 213 Public Speaking
  • COM 220 Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • COM 315 Intercultural Communication
  • COM 316 Communication Theory
  • COM 319 Business and Professional Communication
  • COM 320 Organizational Communication
  • COM 490 Senior Seminar: Topics in Communication or COM 498 Internship Capstone

With the assistance of their academic advisor, students will select appropriate courses from the following groups of course offerings:

Three Courses From:

  • COM 311 Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
  • COM 312 Small Group Communication
  • COM 317 Persuasive Communication
  • COM 318 Gender and Communication
  • COM 321 Case Studies in Organizational Communication
  • COM 322 Conflict Management
  • COM 331 Language, Identity and the Rainbow
  • COM 353 Special Topics in Communication Studies
  • COM 413 Advanced Public Speaking
  • COM 419 Business and Professional Communication in Online Contexts
  • COM 420 Ethics and Critical Issues in Communication
  • COM 450 Leadership and Communication
  • COM 468 Internship

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