Mission & Learning Outcomes

Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) Department Mission

The CSIS programs prepare students with knowledge of fundamental models of computation and information representation to support continued learning and adaptation to the changing and widening applications of computing within professional and societal contexts.

The CSIS programs provide students with relevant skills and knowledge of software and hardware tools widely utilized in professional environments. The CSIS programs integrate awareness of the multicultural, social, legal, and ethical issues intrinsic to the computing profession and related to the development of a responsible, practicing professional. The CSIS programs provide an environment that develops and fosters team-work, communication skills, pedagogical innovation, scholarship and creative expression.

CSIS Department Vision

The CSIS department will continue to adapt to the changing and broadening computing disciplines and application so that students are prepared for successful careers. As computing applications widen and deepen across more disciplines along with the multicultural, social, legal, and ethical issues and consequences of those applications, we will expand our service courses to other disciplines within the Elmhurst University community. While changing and adapting to these needs, through innovative course delivery technology and pedagogy, we strive to reach a larger number and more global community of learners. We will increase our collaboration and partnerships with companies and governmental institutions and increase the utilization of Elmhurst University support structures to provide opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students for career entry. We will seek to increase opportunities and support for faculty and student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.

Student Learning Outcomes for Information Technology Program

At the completion of the Information Technology Program, students should have:

  • A high-level understanding of basic computer hardware, software, and programming concepts.
  • One of the following, based on selected concentration:
    • A solid understanding of the applications development process and web-based applications development tools and techniques using Visual C#, WordPress and SQL Server (Information Systems and Programming Concentrations).
    • A high-level understanding of cyber security concepts of cryptography, cyber-crime investigation and forensics, security and risk management, and issues related to wireless, mobile, and cloud security (Cyber Security Concentration).

In this program, students will:

  • Master the subtleties of computer logic
  • Obtain a deep understanding of computer fundamentals, networking, internetworking, web design and development, and client/server operating systems
  • Learn how to construct and customize a database
  • Develop advanced computer-programming skills in ASP. NET and Visual C#, and apply those skills in the development of algorithms to solve business problems
  • Understand how computer hardware functions and is controlled by operating systems such as Windows and LINUX
  • Learn how a client computer interfaces to a network, how network operating systems are installed and used, and how internetwork systems are built and function
  • Learn how to design, implement and access a database using front-end applications and utilities
  • Master the methodology required to design, implement and maintain a large-scale project installed on a corporate network system
  • Design and implement a website

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