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Institute for Teacher Leadership

How Will You Lead Change as a Teacher Leader?

Established in 2014 by the Genevieve Staudt Endowed Chair, the Institute for Teacher Leadership (ITL) is a virtual institute at Elmhurst University.

The ITL was conceptualized as a place for teachers to teach teachers. The institute is a conceptual space—not a physical one—consisting of alumni, students, faculty, administrators, and teachers from the Chicagoland area and beyond. The ITL seeks to support teacher leaders during all stages in their careers, specifically educators who aspire to be change agents in their school communities and the profession.

The Institute for Teacher Leadership promotes excellence in teacher leadership preparation, professional development, action research and advocacy so that every student attends a school in which learning and teaching are inspired by teacher leaders.

To become a statewide resource for teacher leaders and an information hub on teacher leadership.

  1. Network teacher leaders, school leaders, state administrators, professional organizations and higher education faculty in supporting excellence in teacher leadership in every school
  2. Support career pathways for teachers to develop leadership skills and impact teaching, learning, policy and practice
  3. Provide a platform for collaborative action research and critical inquiry among teacher leaders
  4. Integrate practice, research and funding initiatives to promote teacher leadership

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