Teacher Fellows Program

Fellows work with Elmhurst College faculty members and school partners to share their research and provide collaborative professional development opportunities.


The Institute for Teacher Leadership (ITL) Fellows Program supports teacher leaders across their careers, specifically educators who aspire to be change agents in their school communities and the profession. The program prepares graduates of Elmhurst College education programs to design projects for their schools and collaborate on campus projects with other fellows and faculty. Fellowships last one year and may have a stipend of up to $500. New fellows will be appointed annually. Fellows may re-apply for a second year.

Program Structure

The ITL Fellows Program focuses on action research and critical inquiry as core to teacher leadership.

Fellowship Components

Teacher leader fellows pursue a leadership project in their school communities and collaborate with other fellows and Elmhurst College faculty.

Teacher leader fellows provide a consulting role in an on-campus course to help prepare future teacher leaders.

Fellows collaborate with other fellows and College faculty on one of the ITL’s core project areas: action research, professional development, professional networking or teacher leadership.


Teacher leader fellows must have successfully completed a program of study in education at Elmhurst College within the last five years and be employed full-time in a P-12 educational setting.

Nominees will meet the following requirements:

  • Record of successful leadership and action research within school communities
  • Demonstrate the potential for an expanded leadership role
  • Evidence of strong collaborative and organizational skills

Additionally, the ITL Fellows Program supports diversity by supporting underrepresented student and teacher backgrounds in educational settings including, but not limited to: teaching experience and levels, diversity in teaching settings, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.

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