Goals and Learning Outcomes

Goal 1

Develop and implement innovative approaches to content knowledge development that integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge through culturally responsive pedagogy.

  • Learning Outcome 1A. Implement and evaluate innovative, responsive, and evidence-based practices to advance content knowledge while affirming student identity. (IPTS 1, 2, 5)
  • Learning Outcome 1B. Utilize culturally relevant, critical, and anti-racist pedagogies demonstrating use of diverse and complex materials with opportunities for critical thinking to fully engage the curriculum. (IPTS 1, 3, 5)

Goal 2

Demonstrate how instructional planning, delivery, and assessment utilizes multiplicity of literacies present in our changing and interdependent world.

  • Learning Outcome 2A. Apply a multiplicity of literacies required for learning new content knowledge in order to guide students in processes to navigate their communities. (IPTS 2, 3, 5, 6)
  • Learning Outcome 2B. Apply multi-textual, multicultural, and multi-modal resources representing diverse ways of thinking within learning concepts. (IPTS 2, 3, 5)

Goal 3

Transform student learning opportunities using equitable and responsive instructional practices and assessments.

  • Learning Outcome 3A. Ensure equitable student-driven engagement in learning by leveraging student diversity through culturally responsive teaching. (IPTS 1, 5)
  • Learning Outcome 3B. Meet the individual needs of all students through developmentally appropriate practices with high expectations. (IPTS 2, 3, 5)
  • Learning Outcome 3C. Utilize non-biased assessments of student learning coupled with meaningful student feedback and self-assessment. (IPTS 1, 7)

Goal 4

Create classroom environments that are inclusive and representative of students’ cultural backgrounds within the classroom, school, and community.  

  • Learning Outcome 4A. Uses classroom organizational routines and norms that align with restorative justice practices and are responsive to democratic and cultural values of all students and their families. (IPTS 4)
  • Learning Outcome 4B. Create an inclusive community of learners by using systems of support, materials, resources, and authentic artifacts that are welcoming and representative of all students and their families. (IPTS 4)

Goal 5

Engage in authentic experiences with, stakeholders (learners, families, colleagues, community) to develop collaborative practices both in and outside of the classroom that cultivate equitable and socially just learning environments

  • Learning Outcome 5A. Candidates will collaborate with stakeholders to create learning opportunities that affirm the lived experiences, diverse histories, and languages of the learning community. (IPTS 8)
  • Learning Outcome 5B. Candidates will collaborate with stakeholders to create equitable, supportive, and reflective learning environments. (IPTS 4, 8)
  • Learning Outcome 5C. Candidates will use a variety of resources to develop relationships with families and community agencies to recognize, develop, and implement plans that address the impacts of prejudice, bias, discrimination, and racism on student learning. (IPTS 8, 9)

Goal 6

Engage as critical reflective practitioners who are committed to inclusive schools that ensure a quality anti-racist education for all students.

  • Learning Outcome 6A.Explains how critical reflection is utilized before, during, and after instruction through collaboration with others, interaction with theory and research, and analysis of student data and feedback. (IPTS 9)
  • Learning Outcome 6B. Advocates for self, students, and families by listening, communicating, and questioning that lead to the evaluation and adaptation of instructional practices and supports to address the needs of all students and families. (IPTS 9)
  • Learning Outcome 6C. Identifies issues relating to inequalities in teaching and learning by analyzing school policies and practices and ways to serve as agents of change in the school and community. (IPTS 9)

Aligned with the 2013 Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IPTS)

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