Goals and Learning Outcomes

Goal 1

Integrate content knowledge across disciplines and construct pedagogical content knowledge to provide culturally relevant instruction that prepares all students for the literacies needed in a changing and interdependent world.

  • Learning Outcome 1A. Demonstrates subject area content knowledge in planning, instructional delivery, and assessment. (IPTS 2 & 5)
  • Learning Outcome 1B. Demonstrates Culturally relevant pedagogical content knowledge in planning, instructional delivery, and assessment. (IPTS 2 & 5)
  • Learning Outcome 1C. Use best practices in literacy so all students can acquire subject area content knowledge. (IPTS 6)

Goal 2

Apply differentiation, evidence-based practices and assessment, and innovative technologies to meet the characteristics and needs of all students.

  • Learning Outcome 2A. Apply differentiation and evidence-based practices to address the diverse characteristics and needs of all learners. (IPTS 1 & 3)
  • Learning Outcome 2B. Use developmentally appropriate teaching strategies and innovative technologies that encourage critical thinking and problem solving. (IPTS 5)
  • Learning Outcome 2C. Use a variety of assessments to identify and evaluate learning targets by analyzing data to make instructional decisions. (IPTS 7)

Goal 3

Provide safe, caring, classroom environments that demonstrate and encourage creative, engaged learning to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens.

  • Learning Outcome 3A. Use effective communication, organization, and behavior management strategies to support a safe and healthy learning environment. (IPTS 4)
  • Learning Outcome 3B. Use strategies to successfully engage all students in purposeful learning. (IPTS 4)

Goal 4

Collaborate with students, families, colleagues, and community members to create learning communities that value diversity.

  • Learning Outcome 4A. Engage families while creating learning experiences that value diverse student needs. (IPTS 8)
  • Learning Outcome 4B. Collaborate with colleagues to create and sustain supportive learning environments. (IPTS 8)
  • Learning Outcome 4C. Use community resources to expand learning opportunities. (IPTS 8)

Goal 5

Act as reflective and ethical professionals who are committed to schools and the profession.

  • Learning Outcome 5A. Use reflective practices that directly contribute to student learning and development. (IPTS 9)
  • Learning Outcome 5B. Advocate for students and their families. (IPTS 9)
  • Learning Outcome 5C. Demonstrate leadership as part of their ethical responsibility to their colleagues and the profession. (IPTS 9)

Aligned with the 2013 Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IPTS)

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