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Course Sequence

MAT students at Elmhurst University will typically take the required courses in the following sequence.

Year One

Fall Term (Block One: Birth to Age Three)

  • MEC 503 Infant Assessment Birth to Age 3: Typical and Atypical
  • MEC 501 Early Intervention Methods
  • MEC 506 Development of the Young Child, Birth to Age 5: Typical and Atypical
  • MEC 507 Typical and Atypical Language Development Birth to Age 5 and Emergent Literacy
  • MEC 508 Practicum I: Early Intervention and Family Mentor Field Experiences and Seminar
  • MTL 569 Linguistics for Second Language Learning

January Term

  • MEC 528 Working with Families of Typical and Atypical Young Children in Community Relationships

Spring Term (Block Two: Preschool, Ages 3-5)

  • MEC 514 Early Childhood Special Education Methods
  • MEC 512 Early Childhood Assessment
  • MEC 516 STEAM Pre-Primary Curriculum
  • MEC 518 Early Intervention Birth to Age 3 Internship and Seminar
  • MEC 521 Practicum II: Early Childhood Special Education Field Experiences/Seminar
  • MTL 587 Assessment of English Language Learners

Summer Term

  • MTL 544 Cross-Cultural Studies in Teaching English Language Learners
  • MTL 558 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching English Language Learners

Year Two

Fall Term (Block Three: Primary Grade K-2 Focus)

  • MEC 534 Primary Literacy
  • MEC 541 Primary Classroom Methods in Elementary Mathematics, Science and Social Science
  • MEC 542 Practicum III: Early Childhood Special Education and Early Primary Field Experiences and Seminar
  • MTL 579 Methods and Materials for Teaching English Language Learners

January Term

  • MEC 545 Research Methods and Statistics in Early Childhood

Spring Term (Block Four: Clinical Focus)

  • MEC 570 A Student Teaching Early Childhood Special Education
  • MEC 570 B Student Teaching in Primary
  • MTL 592 Action Research and Application of Bilingual Methods

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