Course Sequence

The following is the suggested course sequence for secondary education. See departments for suggested scheduling of specific requirements.

First Year

  • EDU 104 Cultural Foundations of Education in the United States
  • EDU 223 Education of PK-12 Learners with Exceptionalities or KIN 312 Physical Education for Special Populations
  • EDU 311 Educational Psychology
  • Integrated Curriculum or Major Requirements

Sophomore Year

  • SEC 100 Introductory Seminar to Teaching as a Caring Profession (.50 credit)
  • Integrated Curriculum or Major Requirements

Junior Year

  • SEC 300 Intermediate Seminar for Teaching in Diverse and Inclusive Schools (.25 credit)
  • SEC 310 Methods and Best Practices in Middle and Secondary Education
  • TEL 317 Methods and Materials for Teaching English Language Learners
  • Integrated Curriculum or Major Requirements

Senior Year

  • Integrated Curriculum or Major Requirements
  • SEC 421 Theory and Practice for Developing Academic Literacies in K-12 Classrooms
  • SEC 450 Advanced Seminar in Teacher Collaboration and Professional Practice (.25 credit)
  • SEC/Special Methods of Teaching in Academic Subject Fields

Student Teaching

  • SEC 455/457 Student Teaching in Secondary and Middle Schools (3.00 credits)*

Theresa Robinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education; Director of the Noyce PRIDE STEM Teacher Scholars Program; Program Director of Secondary Education
Department of Education

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