Women’s Studies

Gender Studies

The area of women’s studies is ideal for students who are interested in women’s diverse and common experiences, histories, literatures, political and social realities and inequalities, and contributions to domestic, workplace and creative contexts. Coursework in women’s studies leads to understanding, insight and awareness that typically transform your consciousness and ability to meaningfully contribute in a broad range of settings.

For the major in intercultural studies with a focus in women’s studies, choose three of the following in addition to the rest of the major requirements. As part of the requirements for a minor in intercultural studies, the focus in women’s studies requires at least two course credits from the following:

  • CJ 340 Gender and Crime
  • COM 318 Gender and Communication
  • ENG 335 Women Writers
  • ENG 3xx Women’s Global Stories (January Term)
  • ENG 355 Women’s Writing and Feminist Perspectives (January Term)
  • PHL 312 Environmental Ethics
  • POL 315 Modern/Post-Modern Political Theory
  • POL 452 Special Topics: Feminist Political Theory
  • PSY 228 Psychology of Women (January Term)
  • SOC 305 Sex and Gender in Society
  • REL 314 Women in Biblical Literature

Other options include:

  • ICS 280/380 Intercultural Experiential
  • ICS 390 Special Topics
  • ICS 492 Independent Study
  • Independent study with department faculty
  • Distance learning or transfer course
  • Study abroad, Chicago Semester or other off-campus study

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