Mission and Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to prepare students for a range of activities including academic, professional and personal experiences.

All students majoring in psychology are required to engage in a broad academic program and to demonstrate mastery in areas of psychological knowledge and research methodology. Minors, concentrations or single courses in psychology will provide the Elmhurst College student with varying levels of basic psychological knowledge and methodology.

Learning Outcomes

During a nine-course curriculum in the psychology major, students will study current theories, research and practice. They will master the general principles of the field and the historical development of the discipline.

Outcomes for the major in psychology:

  • Students will explain and discuss basic psychological theories and principles
  • Students will apply psychological theories to everyday circumstances and social issues
  • Students will critically evaluate and express psychological content in written and oral communications
  • Students will apply the scientific method in the design of a research study and recognize appropriate methodology, statistics and interpretation of results
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of ethical principles of psychology

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